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New Byzantine is a province made up of a few towns inside the Olyptmiatus region in The Kodiak Republic. It was founded by a group of explorers who were escaping religious persecution from the Bromannikha dynasty in the year 386 AB. It used to be a small Empire known as The New Byzantine Empire within the Bromannikha dynasty until it was annexed by The Kodiak Republic centuries after the fall of the Bromannikha dynasty. They gave up without a fight because The Kodiak Republic allowed them to do what the Bromannikha dynasty did not, which was believing in what they wanted. The town's main industries are mining and arms manufacturing.


In the year 386 AB a group of Muslim Dhakans who were persecuted for their religion escaped into the mountains of the Olyptmiatus region to seek refuge and shelter. They stumbled upon an open valley with a river passing by and they decided to settle there and over time they slowly recruited people to join them and over time they were building a civilization. In the year 517 AB following the death of King Jhonsin XI, a group of dedicated citizens began to form a new system of government with checks and balances. After the Tyranny of King Jhonsin a new man known as the "the chosen one" took office and started rebuilding the economy and started giving more jobs to the citizens of New Byzantine. Eventually he claimed that he was the son of God and that he could prove it. He said that on the summer solstice of the year 517 AB rain would pour over New Byzantine and stop the drought that had been going on for years. Sure enough, the biggest thunderstorm ever recorded hit New Byzantine. This sprouted a new religion called "Osmonisan." This eventually became the official religion of New Byzantine following the death of the chosen one in the year 535 AB. In the year 518 AB New Byzantine was officially recognized as an independent state, and it became a target for neighboring Dynasties and Empires. After 8 years of fighting a ceasefire was declared between the two nations on July 27th of the year 526 AB. This came to be known as "The War of the Strong Willed" and it led to 67% of New Byzantine land to be destroyed and deemed uninhabitable and 40% of the country's population was forced to be relocated somewhere else. National debt was reaching tens of millions of Florins, and casualties had turned some areas of the once great empire into graveyards and ghost towns. An executive order was signed by the chosen one which made it that for the next 5 years the country focused on rebuilding itself and its armed forces in case of another foreign threat. In the year 534 AB native Sindulian tribes took over New Byzantine and forced sir Oswald to resign. New Byzantine was then ruled by the 3 Sindulian emperors for the next 30 years until a revolt that gave power back to the Osmonis. During the transition of power between the old emperors and the Osmonis there was a dark age where New Byzantine went into civil war for 8 years and during these 8 years over 50,000 New Byzantines were killed in public executions.


2.8 million inhabitants


King Thomas IV of New Constantinople: 458 AB- 469 AB (died while in office)

Sir Shaan III of Khazidad: 469 AB- 487 AB (executed for treason)

Sir Ali VI of Salimane: 487 AB- 489 AB (assassinated)

King Jhonsin XI "The Tyrant" of New Constantinople: 489 AB- 517 AB (died while in office)

Solomon "the chosen one" of Sanghbadad: 517 AB- 527 AB (served two 5 year terms)

Duke Francis IX of Ephadosia: 527 AB- 532 AB (served one 5 year term)

Sir Oswald VIII of Hazenkas: 532 AB- 534 AB (resigned)

Emperor Mo Zhu Yang: 534 AB- 549 AB (passed on the crown to his son)

Emperor Qin Xu Yang: 549 AB- 558 AB (assassinated)

Emperor Jiang Meng Yang: 558 AB- 564 AB (publicly hung)

Yousef IV of Salimane: 572 AB- 573 AB (assassinated)

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