National Organ Donor Act, (665)

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PASSED by the General Assembly on 12 January 664. 15 AYE, 2 NAY, 1 ABSTAIN.
An act to facilitate organ transplants in Kodiak.

Article One - Kodiak Registry of Organ Donors

1.1 - The Kodiak Registry of Organ Donors (KROD) is established under the Ministry of Health.
1.2 - The Registry's purpose is to maintain a list of all citizens willing to donate organs, either before or after death.
1.3 - While alive, only a lobe of the liver, a kidney, a lobe of the lung, and bone marrow can be donated. All other donations must be postmortem.
1.4 - The Registry is opt-in only. Written consent is required to register.
1.5 - The Registry is required to create a convenient and available way for citizens to register as organ donors.
1.6 - The Registry may not deny citizens the right to donate their organs unless there is a legitimate medical contraindication or the citizen cannot legally give consent.
1.7 - Donors may voluntarily withdraw from the Registry at any time, requiring verbal consent.

Article Two - Receiver Rights

2.1 - An organ receiver is defined as any person who receives a donation of organs or tissue from an organ donor.
2.2 - The receiver may request for their identity to be revealed to the donor's family.

Article Three - Family Rights

3.1 - This Assembly recognizes that the wishes of the immediate family of a deceased donor may differ from the donor.
3.2 - KROD is required to work with the family of the deceased, the family's funeral provider, and a qualified healthcare provider to ensure that the family can recieve a funeral.
3.3 - The family may waive their right to a funeral at any time.
3.4 - If a funeral cannot be conducted without disrupting the organ donation process, the wishes of the donor will take precedence, and the donation will proceed. If possible, the body shall be returned in a manner fitting of an open casket funeral.
3.5 - The family may request to be informed of the final destination of the organs. If the receiver has requested to be revealed under 2.2, KROD is required to inform the receiver and the donor's family, unless KROD has reasonable suspicion that the family intends to misuse the information.

Article Four - Funding

4.1 - For internal administration, KROD shall receive 5 million Florins quarterly.
4.2 - To procure organ transplants, KROD shall receive 20 million Florins quarterly.

Article Five - Recognition

5.1 - This Assembly recognizes that organ donation is one of the most selfless acts a person can make. As such, we declare February 20th as National Donor Day, a National Bank Holiday.
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