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This is the documentation page for Module:Shortcut

Lua error in Module:TNT at line 159: Missing JsonConfig extension; Cannot load Template:Lua sidebar This module makes a box showing the shortcut links to a page.


From wikitext

From wikitext, this module should be called from a template, usually {{shortcut}}. Please see the template page for documentation. However, it can also be called using the syntax {{#invoke:shortcut|main|arguments}}.

From Lua

To use this module from Lua, first load it.

local mShortcut = require('Module:Shortcut')

Then you can create shortcut boxes with the following syntax:

mShortcut._main(shortcuts, options, frame, cfg)
  • shortcuts is an array of shortcut page names. (required)
  • options is a table of options. The following keys are supported:
    • msg - a message to leave after the list of shortcuts.
    • category - if set to false (or a value regarded as false by Module:Yesno, such as "no"), categories are suppressed.
  • frame a frame object. This is optional, and only intended to be used internally.
  • cfg a table of config values. This is optional, and is only intended for testing.

Technical details

This module has a configuration file at Module:Shortcut/config. It can be used to translate this module into different languages or to change details like category names.

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