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This is the documentation page for Module:Redirect

This module contains functions to find the target of a redirect page.


The main function accepts the name of a single page. It determines if the page is a redirect; if so it looks up the page, extracts the target, and returns the target name as text. Its usage is {{#invoke:redirect|main|page-name}}. If page-name does not exist or is not a redirect then page-name is returned. If page-name is blank then blank is returned.

The function normally neither takes nor gives square brackets, so to show the result as a link use [[{{#invoke:redirect|main|page-name}}]].

If the parameter bracket is given a nonblank value, brackets will be passed on if present.


  • {{#invoke:redirect|main|WP:AFC}} → wp:AFC
  • {{#invoke:redirect|main|[[WP:AFD]]|bracket=yes}}wp:AFD
  • {{#invoke:redirect|main|Wikipedia:Articles for deletion}} → wikipedia:Articles for deletion
  • {{#invoke:redirect|main|Wikipedia:Articles for rumination}} → wikipedia:Articles for rumination

Note: WP:AFC and WP:AFD are both redirects, but Wikipedia:Articles for deletion is not, and Wikipedia:Articles for rumination does not exist.


If you want to use the main function from another Lua module, you may want to use the luaMain function. This provides the same functionality as the main function, but doesn't require that a frame object be available.

To use this, first load the module.

local mRedirect = require('Module:Redirect')

Then use the function with the following syntax:

mRedirect.luaMain(rname, bracket)

rname is the name of the redirect page, and if bracket is anything but false or nil, the module will produce a link rather than just a page name.


The isRedirect function is used from wiki pages to find out if a given page is a redirect or not. If the page is a redirect, the function returns "yes", and if not the output is blank. Its usage is {{#invoke:redirect|isRedirect|page-name}}.


  • {{#invoke:redirect|isRedirect|WP:AFC}}
  • {{#invoke:redirect|isRedirect|Wikipedia:Articles for deletion}}
  • {{#invoke:redirect|isRedirect|Wikipedia:Articles for rumination}}


The isRedirect can be accessed from other Lua modules in the same way as the main function:

local mRedirect = require('Module:Redirect')


The getTarget function fetches the target page name of a redirect page, and is only usable from Lua. If the page specified is a redirect, then the target is returned; otherwise the function returns nil.

To use it, first load the module.

local mRedirect = require('Module:Redirect')

Then use the function with the following syntax:


page can be either the name of the redirect page as a string, or a mw.title object.

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