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This is the documentation page for Module:Lang/data

This module holds various support tables used by Module:Lang

  • lang_name_table – this table provides language name data used in the creation of categories and, for the {{lang-??}} templates, the language name annotation
  • override – this table overrides data in lang_name_table; commonly used when an article title differs from the name for the standard's language
  • rtl_scripts – a list of ISO 15924 scripts that are written right-to-left; data taken from the table at ISO 15924#List of codes
  • translit_title_table – a table of tables that is used in the creation of the title= attribute of the <i>...</i> tags that wrap transliterated text; data adapted from {{transl}}
  • article_name – this table overrides lang_name_table and override for (typically) disambiguated article names

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