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This is the documentation page for Module:Color contrast

This module is used primarily by

It is also used for tracking within

and for documentation in

The formulas used are stated in WCAG 2.x specifications. WCAG is the main guideline for creating accessible interfaces on the web.


To use this module, you may use one of the above listed templates or invoke the module directly

  • To compute relative luminescence:
    {{ColorToLum|color}} or {{#invoke:Color contrast|lum|color}}
  • To compute a contrast ratio between two colors:
    {{Color contrast ratio|color1|color2|error=?}} or {{#invoke:Color contrast|ratio|color1|color2|error=?}}
  • To determine which of two colors (color2a and color2b) has the greater contrast ratio with a particular color (color1):
    {{Greater color contrast ratio|color1|color2a|color2b}} or {{#invoke:Color contrast|greatercontrast|color1|color2a|color2b}}
  • To compute the contrast ratio between the background and text colors specified in a css style string:
    {{#invoke:Color contrast|styleratio|css style statement string|default background color|default text color}}

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