Medical Licensure Act (663)

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ACTION by the General Assembly on ## MONTH 6##. ## AYE, ## NAY, ## ABSTAIN.
An act to codify the licensure of medical doctors.

Article One: the Kodiak Medical Licensure Board

1.1 The Ministry of Health and Education will establish and appoint the Kodiak Medical Licensure Board (KMLB), which shall be empowered to
1.1.1 Create the requirements for the issuance of licensures to medical doctors.
1.1.2 Issue licensures to medical doctors.
1.1.3 Establish codes of conduct for medical doctors.
1.1.4 Curate and maintain a publicly-accessible registry of medical doctors practicing within Kodiak.
1.1.5 Discipline medical doctors.
1.1.6 Remove or otherwise disqualify licensures issued by the KMLB.
1.2 The KMLB will be granted fifty million florins per quarter to carry out their mandate.
1.3 The KMLB will allow for twenty-four (24) calendar months after the passage of this law for current medical practitioners to come into compliance with the laws and regulations set forth in this law and all regulations established by the KMLB.
1.4 The KMLB will require that licensees renew their license once every five years.

Article Two: Medical Practice

2.1 All persons wishing to practice independent medicine, as defined by the Ministry of Health and Education, within Kodiak hold an active, un-revoked, and un-expired license from the KMLB. The practice of medicine without a licensure will be considered a felony.
2.2 Any person wishing to open a medical practice must hold an active, un-revoked, and un-expired license from the KMLB and must display their license upon request by any person. The forgery or falsification of any medical license shall be considered a felony.

Tabled by Braughn F.G. Kryos, MGA

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