Medical Euthanasia Act (661)

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PASSED by the General Assembly on 3 December 661 - 14 Aye, 5 Nay, 2 Abstain
A bill that legalizes and regulates the administration of medical euthanasia.

Article One - Definitions

1.1 Medical euthanasia is the act by which a licensed physician provides life-ending medication or procedures for a patient.
1.2 A terminal illness is any illness which cannot be cured or adequately treated and that illness is expected to result in the death of the patient or that illness is expected to cause undue pain and suffering.

Article Two - Legalization of Medical Euthanasia

2.1 Medical euthanasia shall be permitted in any case of terminal illness when requested by the patient.
2.1.1 Any patient requesting medical euthanasia must be deemed of sound mind and capable of making an informed decision.
2.1.2 No patient under the age of eighteen may consent to medical euthanasia without the additional consent of their legal parent or guardian.
2.1.3 All medical euthanasia must be requested by the patient and may not be requested by medical proxy.
2.1.4 A patient may authorize an advanced directive, detailing their consent for euthanasia should they fall under a terminal illness or fatal injury and be unable to authorize consent as outlined in 2.1.1.
2.2 Medical euthanasia must be approved by the patient's primary care physician.
2.2.1 The patient must be properly informed as to the process, cost, and consequences of the procedure prior to the execution thereof.
2.3 Medical euthanasia must be executed in a humane, painless, and respectful manner and according to the wishes of the patient.
2.4 The total cost of a medical euthanasia procedure may not exceed 12,000 florins.

Tabled by Braughn F.G. Kryos, MGA

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