List of justices of the Kodiak High Court

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For leaders of the Kodiak executive government see List of chancellors of the Kodiak Republic.

The High Court of the Kodiak Republic has existed since its inception. In some eras justices were elected, and in others appointed. This list is in reverse chronological order for ease of viewing.

Seventh Kodiak Republic

The Chief Justice in the seventh republic is elected only to fill a vacancy. Otherwise, the Justice serves until retirement or 2/3rds impeachment. Chief Justices must formally lodge an intent to continue service during each election otherwise retirement is presumed. The Chief Justice may also appoint (With the approval of the General Assembly) up to two associate justices on occasions where caseload is excessive, but this has yet to happen.

Chief Justices

- Portrait Name
(Birth - Death)
Election Notes
2 Eðward Staples
(??? - )
654 Election
Acting Chief Justice
since January 653
1 Martang Etheltreow
(??? - )
Mengtian, Godsith
630 Election

The Interregnum

Sixth Kodiak Republic

Fifth Kodiak Republic

Fourth Kodiak Republic

Third Kodiak Republic

Second Kodiak Republic

First Kodiak Republic

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