Kodiak succession act

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Kodiak succession act 650


1.1 In the event of the death resignation or incapacitation of the chancellor this act applies to set how a new chancellor would be chosen

1.2 in the event of the chancellors death resignation or incapacitation the deputy chancellor will assume the office of the chancellor of the kodiak republic

ARTICLE 2                                                                                                                                                              

2.1 in the event the deputy chancellor is unable to assume the office of chancellor the cabinet will come together to elect a new chancellor before the election

2.2 this vote shall be over seen by the president of the assembly


3.1 if the new chancellor was elected one year before the end of the term they will be able to run for a full term and a second but if they were elected before that date they are able to run only for one more term

written by jonn stevens MGA (DPPK)
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