Kodiak State Telecommunications Act, 652

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Kodiak State Telecommunications Act, 652

An Act to Establish the Kodiak State Telecommunications Company.

Created as part of The State Enterprise and General Communications Resolution, 652

Article 1: Establishment and Purpose

1.1 - The Kodiak State Telecommunications Company (the Company) is hereby established as a state-run agency responsible for providing telecommunications services within the boundaries of the Republic of Kodiak.
1.2 - The purpose of the Company is to provide affordable and efficient telecommunications services to the citizens of Kodiak, to promote economic development and communication throughout the republic, and to operate as a profitable enterprise.

Article 2: Powers and Responsibilities

2.1 - The Company shall have the power to:
2.1.1 - Establish and operate telecommunications infrastructure and facilities throughout the republic;
2.1.2 - Provide telecommunications services to individuals, businesses, and government agencies;
2.1.3 - Set rates and fees for telecommunications services, subject to the approval of the Minister for Revenue and Treasury;
2.1.4 - Enforce federal and republic telecommunications regulations and laws; and
2.1.5 - Carry out any other duties necessary for the operation of the Company.
2.2 - The Company shall be responsible for:
2.2.1 - Ensuring the timely and accurate provision of telecommunications services;
2.2.2 - Providing customer service and support to users of the Company's services;
2.2.3 - Maintaining accurate records of telecommunications operations and finances;
2.2.4 - Developing and implementing policies and procedures for the operation of the Company;
2.2.5 - Coordinating with federal telecommunications authorities and other relevant agencies as necessary; and
2.2.6 - Any other duties assigned by the Minister for Industry and Commerce.

Article 3: Funding and Budget

3.1 - The Company shall be funded through the Kodiak State Budget and shall be authorized to collect fees for telecommunications services as set forth in Section 2.1.3.
3.2 - The Company shall submit an annual budget to the Minister for Revenue and Treasury for approval, which shall include detailed information on the Company's expenses, revenue, and projected needs.
3.3 - The Company shall be run as a competing enterprise alongside private telecommunications companies in accordance with Section 1.2.
3.4 - The sum of ₣ 37,800 million is authorized for the cost of nationalizing existing private enterprises and acquiring any necessary telecommunications infrastructure.

Article 4 - Personnel and Management

4.1 - The Company shall be managed by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who shall be appointed by the Minister for Industry and Commerce.
4.2 - The CEO shall be responsible for the overall management and operation of the Company, and shall have the power to appoint and remove employees as necessary.
4.3 - The CEO shall report to the Minister for Industry and Commerce on the activities and performance of the Company.

Article 5 - Independence and Political Neutrality

5.1 - The Kodiak State Telecommunications Company shall operate with independence and political neutrality.
5.2 - The Executive Director and all employees of the Company shall carry out their duties without favoritism, discrimination or influence from any political party, individual or organization.
5.3 - The Company shall adhere to all applicable laws and regulations regarding political neutrality, and shall maintain accurate records of any contact with political parties, individuals or organizations.
5.4 - The Executive Director and all employees of the Company shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination, for any violation of the political neutrality requirements set forth in this article.
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