Kodiak National Rights Act (642)

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A resolution to define the rights of the people of Kodiak through Sexuality, Gender, and the right to an Abortion.

Passed the General Assembly, June 27th, 2022. 13 Aye, 3 Nay, 3 Abstain.

Article 1 - Right of Sexuality and Gender

1.1 - Legalizes marriage between homosexual and heterosexual couples.
1.2 - Legalizes any citizen of Kodiak to choose their preferred gender.
1.2.1 – Defines “Gender” as the social characteristics of a Male or Female and any special legal entitlements granted to those identities.
1.2.2 – Authorizes the Office of Records and Demographics to make changes to the gender data of citizens of The Kodiak Republic in the form of a no-cost “Gender Realignment” – The Age to Consent to a gender realignment shall be established at 21 years of age. – Only 1 no-cost gender realignment may be applied for during a lifetime.
1.3 - Violence against people based on gender or sexuality will be defined as a hate crime under a class A felony.

Article 2 - Right of Body

2.1 - Repeals the The Abortion Act (Inter).
2.2 - Legalizes abortion:
2.2.1 – Abortion is defined as the termination of an unborn fetus.
2.2.2 – A fetus is defined as the unborn and developing body within the mother’s body.
2.2.3 – This article establishes legal protections to life of the fetus after the beginning of the Fetal period of development set at a minimum of 9 weeks post conception.
2.2.4 – Termination of the fetus during the Fetal period shall be considered only after medical review by a state certified OB-GYN to determine that the health of the mother is at an elevated risk, the fetus suffers from abnormal development, is the result of a non-consensual encounter, or is identified as the carrier of a transmitted disease.
2.2.5 – Stability of the parents will be evaluated by a state certified social worker prior to the birth of the fetus.   If the evaluator determines the parents are unable to provide for the safety and health of the unborn fetus, the state reserves the right to place the child into the care of Child Protective Services under the Ministry of Social Services.   Furthermore, if the evaluator uncovers evidence that meets criteria of the above paragraph, they may recommend the termination of the pregnancy.

Written and presented by Yungly Shaon, MGA, CACSPO

Contributors: Oskar Luchens and Símôn Kalimeno, MGA, NUP

Additional editors: Hester Sirocco-Loren MGA, Independent, Jocelyn Hell Flower MGA, AND

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