Kodiak Diplomatic Service Act, 663

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ACTION by the General Assembly on ## MONTH ###. ## AYE, ## NAY, ## ABSTAIN.

A bill to increase Foreign relations and influence of Kodiak in the World stage, without instigating conflict or using military means.

Article 1: Definitions

1.1: A Diplomatic Service is a body of diplomats and foreign policy officers assigned by the government to communicate with another government of their assigned state.

1.2: Diplomatic services are often part of the larger civil service and sometimes a constituent part of the foreign ministry of their native country.

Article 2: Dedicated Diplomatic Service

2.1: The Government shall create a dedicated Diplomatic Service and assign it to a nation to boost communication of the two governments.

2.2: The executive government shall dedicate 60 Million Florins in the creation of the Diplomatic Service.

2.3: The Diplomatic Service Body shall contain professional foreign diplomats assigned by the government.

2.4: The Diplomatic Service shall work with the current embassies of Kodiak in their assigned nations.

Article 3: The Purpose of the Diplomatic Service

3.1: A Diplomatic Service will act as a communication bridge of the two governments to stop foreign tensions from increasing.

3.2: Diplomatic Services shall work in Kodiak's best interests and avoid military conflict when possible.

3.3: Diplomatic Services shall work to increase Kodiak's influence in the World and increase foreign relations without instigating conflict.

Tabled by Daniel Anderson, MGA

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