Immigration reform act of 645

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  1. Kodiak border patrol

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  1. 1.1- authorizes the Kodiak border patrol to conduct Biometric Enrollment and Digital Passport scans of all new arrivals in the form of facial recognition and or fingerprints of all new arrivals into the Kodiak republic <infobox type="Album">

<title source="title"/> <image source="image"></image> <label>Artist</label> <label>Released</label> <label>Recorded</label> <label>Length</label> <label>Label</label> <label>Producer</label> </infobox> 1.2-Authorizes the arming of Kodiak border patrol Officials with lethal and non-lethal protection equipment such as hand guns and teasers <infobox type="Album"> <title source="title"/> <image source="image"></image> <label>Artist</label> <label>Released</label> <label>Recorded</label> <label>Length</label> <label>Label</label> <label>Producer</label> </infobox> 1.3- the Kodiak border patrol will be quarterly funded will 82,000,000 Florins written by Jonn stevens MGA, (PPK) Minster for Defense and Immigration

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