Foreign Dispatch, 656

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Guelderlaand Executive Building,

YEAR 656
26 June - 23 July 2023

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pleased to present this general notice and summary of the news and events that have taken place over the previous year within the Kodiak Republic and the community.


The year 656 began exceptionally quietly, with the effects of the 'summer flu' taking major portions of the General Assembly out of action. The legislative agenda was almost entirely at the whims of Immanuel von Zeppelin of the Centrist Kodiak Alliance who proposed a flurry of economic and fiscal bills. Progress was slow, as the Assembly President, Ms. Mivod Hjala, resigned during the Christmas period 655 (citing a desire to spend more time with her family). The Assembly, struggling against the effects of the flu and the rolling absences, was unable to bring a new office holder for President before the start of the election.

Magnus Ward (NUP)
Chancellor Corey, still unrecovered from his debilitating car accident last year, officially resigned his place in the Assembly and his place as leader of the National Unity Party (NUP). A compromise agreement between new NUP leader, Magnus Ward (The Minister for Commerce and Labour) and Acting Chancellor Jonn Stevens of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPPK) was reached where cabinet policy decisions would require the agreement of both. However, with many cabinet ministers ill, very little policy action was able to be accomplished in the last year of the term of government.

The campaign season for the general election opened, as per usual, six months prior to election day, slated for 15 January 657 (24 July). The National Unity Party leader, Magnus Ward, was successful in building a coalition of all major parties. In his declaration speech he stated, "The term ahead, just as the term passed, will be a difficult one. But it is not impossible for us to re-rail the locomotive that drives our future. We will build a nation of balance - a government that helps but does not interfere, an economy that grows but does not leave behind, a society that cares but does not lose sight of progress."

Jonn Stevens of the DPPK has declared for and will be seeking election for Assembly President, as has Kodiak Workers' Party deputy leader Braughn Kryos. Ethward Staples has lodged his constitutionally obligatory 'statement of intent' to remain as Chief Justice.

Founders' Day
28 Jul - 10 Aug
Community event to honour the founding of the present incarnation of the region, originally 28 Jul 2008.
Next Campaign Season
2 Oct - 16 Oct
The six-month campaign season for the 660 election begins July 15 659.
660 General Election
16 Oct - 19 Oct
Polls open for three days beginning January 15 to select the make up of the General Assembly

Jonn Stevens (DPPK)
The next update, it is expected, shall include the results of the 657 election, a description of the Founders' Day Celebrations, and a summary of the Ward Government's first year. We hope you found this briefing informative. Questions, Suggestions, and Comments are welcome.

The Hon. Jonn Stevens, MGA
Acting Chancellor of the Republic of Kodiak

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