Fjord Montgomery the 2nd

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Fjord Joseph Montgomery the 2nd (Born 1989)(Active)(WIP)

AFU (Aarghalian Firearms United)

In 2007 Fjord the 2nd's father, Fjord Montgomery the 1st, handed down the AFU to him on Fjord the 2nd's 18th birthday. For years the AFU had supplied Aargh's military and civilians with nothing but the finest weaponry. Fjord was not at all hesitant to take over the business, he had a fascination with machines, specifically firearms, since he first saw the factories on a tour with his father. On the third day of his new job, Fjord had an amazing idea for a light modular rifle platform for the Aarghalian military, this is how the MRP Rifle platform was born.

Personal life:

Early Life:

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