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About Faster Kodiak

Faster Kodiak is a Futurist Party focused on cultural development and equality. We support a change in current Kodiak politics, a change to an Utopian Futurist society where all are free and equal under our flag.

(Currently in party preparation phrase)

Arts & Culture

As a party focused on Futurist cultural developments, developing the culture of Kodiak is our main goal as a party. Our primary objectives are:

  • Reinforce education on Arts & Culture
  • Full support on Creative Artists
  • Establish National Academies on Arts
  • Establish Ministry of Arts & Culture
  • Establish Museums, open to every citizen of Kodiak

Economy & Industry

We support a strong industry based on 4th and 5th industries. Our primary objectives are:

  • STEM education
  • Reinforce and strengthen the IT industry
  • Full support on Singularity technology developments

Welfare & Civil Rights

We look forward to an egalitarian society, where everyone is equal, and free to be happy. Our primary objectives are:

  • Strengthen minimal wage and crackdown on abuses
  • Establish accessible petition systems on workplace abuses
  • Full support on Feminists and social activists
  • Completely free healthcare for those in poverty
  • Strengthen healthcare supports for all citizens

National Defense

If you want peace, prepare for war. Our primary objectives are:

  • Full support on weapon developments & industries
  • Improvements on military wages
  • Effective strategic defense systems
  • Reinforced border security

Diplomacy & National Sovereignty

We, citizens of the Serene Republic, promise to defend our sovereignty no matter the cost. Our primary objective is:

  • Improvements on relationships with bordering nations
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