Emergency workers protection act

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In this great nation of ours we didn't take interest in one important thing and that's emergency personnel. That's why this bill is here so we can protect them and they can protect us.

Article 1: Emergency personnel protection from injury

1.1 Every union of emergency personnel including Policeman's, Fireman's and Hospital unions insurance should pay fully for all injuries received.

1.1.1 This only includes injuries received on the clock volunteering or on call emergencies following protocol.

1.1.2 A third party may be appointed by the union to investigate if the first responders followed protocol.

1.1.3. The third party must be independent and could be investigated by a higher body.

1.1.4 Every emergency personnel will be provided with regular mental and physical check-ups if needed.

1.2 Every emergency personnel should be. provided with adequate gear.

1.2.1 There would be a set standard by which would be determined if the gear meet regulations for each emergency department.

Article 2: Bonuses and penalties

2.1 Each emergency personnel should be provided a bonus by a set quota determined by the union.

2.1.1 The bonus and quota will be set by a yearly meeting between the unions and departments. The meetings will be monitored by an administrator so neither side takes an advantage.

2.1.2. The bonus and the quota may differ based on seniority and position.

2.1.2. Different bonuses may be given if it's been deemed that an "heroic" act was performed.

2.2 Each emergency worker may be docked a bonus or in pay for a infringement of a protocol.

Article 3: Fitness and cognitive abilities test

3.1 Every emergency personnel should pass an fitness and cognitive abilities test every 3 years to show if they can do their job.

3.1.1 This test would include physical test and decision making abilities of a person. It would simulate real life situations and they would choose how to act.

3.1.2. Test would be made by a commission for every department that would change every 6 years. They would have minimum 15+ years in the field.

3.2 If the test would be failed they would get one more chance.

3.2.1 If the test is failed more than once the department must give the worker an job in the department that isn't in the field. If not they would face penalties.

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