Diplomatic Corps Notes (Public)

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Government Mission Type Location Representative
1 United Regions Alliance Alliance Discord: discord.gg/BExPgPF New Asden
2 The Alliance of Queens Ancient Ruins N/A N/A
3 The Emprie of Incognita (Unkonwn) Ancient Ruins N/A N/A
4 [00000] A World Power Ancient Ruins Discord: discord.gg/SFN3jeR N/A

Mission Type Key:
Alliance: Full equal partner.
Embassy: Two way diplomatic relationship with discrete communications.
Consulate: A one or two way communications relationship without an embassy.
Mission: A temporary diplomatic relationship.
Ancient Ruins: A relationship lasting greater than 3 years with a state no longer functioning but with special historical value.

Top 200 NS regions by delegate endorsements as of 11 Jan 2022 (and other mock-governments as added over time)

Government Location Government Type WA Endorsements
The North Pacific [NS GCR] Presidential Republic 958
the South Pacific [NS GCR] Parliamentary Republic 776
The East Pacific [NS GCR] Presidential Republic 739
The Communist Bloc [NS] Constitutional People's Republic 524
the West Pacific [NS GCR] Elective Absolute Monarchy 520
the Pacific - The New Pacific Order [NS GCR] Absolute Monarchy 451
10000 Islands [NS] Oligarchic Monarchy 423
Europe [NS] Parliamentary Monarchy 410
Conch Kingdom [NS] Parliamentary Monarchy 278
Balder [NS GCR] Parliamentary Monarchy 270
Europeia [NS] Presidential Elective Oligarchy 254
Lazarus [NS GCR] Corporate Co-determination 246
the Rejected Realms [NS GCR] Democratic Republic 241
Osiris [NS GCR] Absolute Monarchy 191
The Leftist Assembly [NS] Presidential People's Republic 168
Thaecia [NS] Parliamentary Republic 148
The Free Nations Region [NS] Presidential Republic 138
Forest [NS] Administrative Bureaucracy 122
Lands End [NS] Unitary Corporation 115
Cape of Good Hope [NS] Administrative Bureaucracy 113
Confederation of Corrupt Dictators [NS] Absolute Monarchy 106
Anteria [NS] Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy 106
Karma [NS] Oligarchy 105
The Union of Democratic States [NS] Presidential Republic 82
Refugia [NS] Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy 76
Commonwealth of Liberty [NS] Democratic Republic 73
The Order of the Grey Wardens [NS] Military Dictatorship 71
United Kingdom [NS] Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy 66
The Glorious Nations of Iwaku [NS] Administrative Bureaucracy 65
Wintreath [NS] Absolute Monarchy 65
Spiritus [NS] Democratic Republic 58
The Western Isles [NS] Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy 56
Democratic Socialist Assembly [NS] Democratic Republic 55
NationStates [NS] Elective Absolute Monarchy? 54
The Social Liberal Union [NS] Democratic Republic 53
Sophia [NS] Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy 48
Capitalist Paradise [NS] Presidential Republic 44
New Western Empire [NS] Absolute Monarchy 42
Cyrannus Star System [NS] Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy 42
The Land of Kings and Emperors [NS] Absolute Monarchy 41
The Hole To Hide In [NS] Administrative Bureaucracy 38
The League [NS] Oligarchic Republic 38
India [NS] Parliamentary Republic 37
Yggdrasil [NS] Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy 37
Ridgefield [NS] Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy 36
Enadia [NS] Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy 35
The Kodiak Republic [Dis] / [NS] Democratic Republic 33
Geopolity [NS] Absolute Monarchy 32
The Region That Has No Big Banks [NS] Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy 32
Confederacy of Layem [NS] Example 31
Gay [NS] Example 31
The United Federations [NS] Example 30
The Internationale [NS] Example 29
International Democratic Union [NS] Example 29
New West Indies [NS] Example 28
Red Wolf Alliance [NS] Example 27
Force [NS] Example 27
Empire of Great Britain [NS] Example 26
Canada [NS] Example 26
The Black Hawks [NS] Example 26
Declansburg [NS] Example 25
Lone Wolves United [NS] Example 24
Texas [NS] Example 23
Benigtopia [NS] Example 22
Eientei Gensokyo [NS] Example 22
Institute of Cellulose [NS] Example 22
The Invaders [NS] Example 22
Eurth [NS] Example 22
Atlanticana [NS] Example 22
Arcesia [NS] Example 22
Liberal Democratic Union [NS] Example 21
Fifth Empire [NS] Example 21
Philosophers [NS] Example 21
The Union of Fairer Nations [NS] Example 21
Republic of Conservative Nations [NS] Example 20
Thegye [NS] Example 20
Heart [NS] Example 20
RGBN [NS] Example 20
Libertarian Socialist Confederation [NS] Example 20
Right to Life [NS] Example 19
Celtia [NS] Example 19
Catholic [NS] Example 19
Caer Sidi [NS] Example 19
South Pacific [NS] Example 18
Union of Christian Nations [NS] Example 18
European Union [NS] Example 18
Portugal [NS] Example 17
Warzone Sandbox [NS] Example 17
Aesica [NS] Example 17
Sonindia [NS] Example 17
Citizens Alliance of Democracy [NS] Example 16
Grace of Gaia [NS] Example 15
OmniOne [NS] Example 15
Kantrias [NS] Example 15
The Immaterial Plane [NS] Example 15
The Kingdom of Great Britain [NS] Example 15
The Labyrinth [NS] Example 14
Scandinavia [NS] Example 14
Nordic Lands [NS] Example 14
The Alliance of Dictators [NS] Example 14
Anarchy [NS] Example 14
United Mapgame Nations [NS] Example 14
USSR [NS] Example 14
Callista [NS] Example 13
Fediverse [NS] Example 13
Sanctum [NS] Example 13
The Union Of Great Onionist Nations [NS] Example 13
Esportiva [NS] Example 13
The DankLeft Commune [NS] Example 12
Alvarez [NS] Example 12
Liberty Democratic Alliance [NS] Example 12
The Amaranthine Isles [NS] Example 12
The Democratika [NS] Example 12
Union of Allied States [NS] Example 11
International Northwestern Union [NS] Example 11
Somersetonia [NS] Example 11
Mariner Trench [NS] Example 11
Latinoamerica Libre [NS] Example 11
The Confederacy of Free Nations [NS] Example 11
Stargate [NS] Example 11
China [NS] Example 11
Vistulia [NS] Example 11
Niamark [NS] Example 11
Equilism [NS] Example 10
Oatland [NS] Example 10
New World Union [NS] Example 10
Anaia [NS] Example 10
Hell [NS] Example 10
Lux Immortalem [NS] Example 10
Coalition of Crown Albatross [NS] Example 10
Krillin [NS] Example 10
The Great North [NS] Example 10
United Alliance [NS] Example 10
St Abbaddon [NS] Example 10
Sky Haven [NS] Example 10
Odrya [NS] Example 10
USSD [NS] Example 10
South America [NS] Example 9
Democritus [NS] Example 9
Absolution [NS] Example 9
The Kaliningrad Division [NS] Example 9
Minuit moins Neuf [NS] Example 9
PictureGame [NS] Example 9
Rushmore [NS] Example 9
Blackstar [NS] Example 9
United Fascist Workers Association [NS] Example 9
The Great Experiment [NS] Example 9
Groland [NS] Example 9
ITALIA [NS] Example 9
Coldonia [NS] Example 8
Philippines [NS] Example 8
Apelandia [NS] Example 8
Atlantian Oceania [NS] Example 8
Aozora [NS] Example 8
sus is mildly sus my guy [NS] Example 8
Realm of the Whispering Winds [NS] Example 8
Warzone Asia [NS] Example 8
Wysteria [NS] Example 8
Lisseum [NS] Example 8
Tarkin [NS] Example 8
Pax Britannia [NS] Example 8
New Warsaw Pact [NS] Example 8
Inferno Stellaria [NS] Example 8
Anubis [NS] Example 8
Region Name [NS] Example 8
Deutschland [NS] Example 7
Saeculum Obscurum [NS] Example 7
Prudentia [NS] Example 7
The New Order Last days of Europe [NS] Example 7
The Bar on the corner of every region [NS] Example 7
Union Mundial [NS] Example 7
Trovons [NS] Example 7
belgium [NS] Example 7
Pony Realms [NS] Example 7
Antarctica [NS] Example 7
Fylkirvegr [NS] Example 7
Aster [NS] Example 7
Britannia Prima [NS] Example 7
North Korea [NS] Example 7
Christmas [NS] Example 7
Equinox [NS] Example 7
Hiyamashu [NS] Example 7
The Slide Countries [NS] Example 7
Africa [NS] Example 6
West Antartica [NS] Example 6
Victrix [NS] Example 6
Chicken overlords [NS] Example 6
The Vincence Empire [NS] Example 6
The Blue Star Union [NS] Example 6
Rocketopia [NS] Example 6
The Interdimensional Community [NS] Example 6
Antarctic Oasis [NS] Example 6
Roman Byzantine Union [NS] Example 6
Wintercrest [NS] Example 6
Sardonian islands [NS] Example 6
Northern Utopia [NS] Example 6
The United Empires of Carson [NS] Example 6
United Empire of Islam [NS] Example 6
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