Declaration of War Against the Kodiak Commune (663)

From The Kodiak Republic Wiki

A resolution to strengthen Kodiak's response to the Southern Insurrection

RECOGNIZING that southern Kodiak is under attack from a violent enemy insurrection;

RESPECTING the fact that not all protesters are involved with the insurrection;

WE DECLARE that a state of peace no longer exists in The Serene Republic of Kodiak because of the insurrection's actions;

WE GRANT the Chancellor the power to take all necessary and prudent measures to restore the order of law;

WE INSTRUCT the Chancellor to attempt to resolve the situation peacefully;

WE ALLOW the Chancellor to use force if a peaceful resolution is not possible;

WE URGE the insurrection to prevent further loss of life;

WE WAIVE any charges against insurrectionists who peacefully surrender, except for violations of International Humanitarian Law;

Tabled by Josef Kovac, MGA

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