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The Kodiak Workers' Party wins re-election for the first time in Contemporary History. Chancellor Groves will be faced with the unenviable task of guiding the luxuriously state-subsidised standard-of-living back into reality. The GDP still remains at what most economists consider the 'floor' of economic activity for a nation of 100 million, while the incomes of ordinary Kodiakers has skyrocketed due to state spending. The gravy train is about to end as projections show that at current levels, interest on the debt may increase as much as 1.5% by the end of the term. This would drive interest up to over 21 billion a year and make servicing the debt the second largest expenditure while surpassing Debt-to-GDP of 100%. Its difficult to see a way back to a balanced budget without unwinding all the social successes of the last 15 years. Be that as it may, not controlling spending is likely to destroy that progress even more quickly, leaving even the shovel we'd need to dig ourselves back out repossessed by the Bank.

The National Budget

Public Secretary's Summary - The budget post-war has exploded in expense while tax incomes have plummeted. From the beginning of the Edwards term the debt has increased by nearly 90% and is expected to add yet another 50% over the next term of government. Income tax fraud has exploded after the passage of the Micro-Enterprise Act and the World Bank has threatened to increase interest rates by 100% if we cannot reign in spending. Government debt will begin to crowd out credit access for personal and business loans and ultimately citizens will be forced to pay the banks not to default the government. As a public official, you may expect me to declare we need to rise taxes, but without an economy to tax, what even would be the point?

The National Debt

The National Debt stands at approximately ₣ 528.56 Billion with a Debt/GDP ratio of 66%.
Our predicted Deficit this year stands at approximately ₣ 93.44 Billion.
This will increase the National Debt to approximately ₣ 662.01 billion.
Our Sovereign Credit rating has been assessed by the World Bank as AA.
Interest on the debt assessed at 1.75% and is expected to cost ₣ 9.28 Billion which represents 5.1% of annual expenditure.

Income Summary

Income Stream Amount (in millions) Diff. 648 AB
Income Tax 51,960 -6040
Corporation Tax 18,608 +24
Capital Gains Tax 5,760 +40
Land Value Tax 5,000 000
Sales Tax 3,904 +28
Petrol Tax 2,692 +744
Unoccupied Home Tax 1,028 +32
Alcohol Levy 424 -444
Recreational Drug Levy 56 -12
Tobacco Levy* 000 000
TOTAL INCOME 89,504 -5,628
Government Borrowing 93,440 +74,800

*Traceable tobacco usage appears to have bottomed out.

Expenditure Summary

Expenditure Amount (in millions) Diff. 648 AB
State Schools 52,880 +35,960
Military Spending 11,320 +1,400
State Pensions 13,040 +2,160
Rail Funding 10,640 +10,640
State Energy Co 10,280 +960
Social Care 9,600 +880
Debt Interest 9,280 +4,040
Bus Subsidies 5,680 +5,680
Police Force 4,640 +688
Agriculture Subsidies 4,600 -40
Rural Dev Grants 4,600 -40
Disability Payments 4,040 +4,040
State Housing 3,856 +32
Science Funding 3,800 -32
State Health Services 3,796 +560
Skill Immigration Scheme 2,996 +24
Road Building 2,588 -20
Business Grants 2,500 +2,500
Intelligence Services 2,348 -16
State Water Co 2,148 +168
Tech Colleges 1,948 -16
Public Libraries 1,840 +104
Smart Meters 1,620 +128
Tech Grants 1,592 +476
Community Policing 1,384 -160
All Other Expenses 9,944 +4,020
TOTAL EXPENSES 182,960 +69,280

The Political Situation

Public Secretary's Summary - The war in the Darrent has crippled our economy, but the public spending and general sense of unity has led to the resolution of a number of crises. While our urban centres are struggling with the social upheaval, its hard not to say our society is in a better place now than it was three years ago. I cannot comment on the cost to the Treasury, but the national situation is much improved. The next big test will be how united will the nation remain without a common enemy?

New National Emergencies

Below are a list of crises new to the last term of government. They may have been caused by government policy, global political changes, or perhaps they were always there, bubbling below the surface and now they have finally become bad enough to warrant attention. Either way, its not a good look.

Urban Decay

(significant and trending down)
Caused by Poverty, Inequality, Poor Urbanisation, Insular Economy
Increases Incidence of Ghettos, Ethnic Rioting, Crime (General and Violent), Street Gangs, Inner City Riots, Narcotics Abuse, Ethnic Tensions
Decreases Educational Outcomes, Income of the Poor, Equality, Urbanisation

National Emergencies with Changed Circumstances

Below are a list of national crises where a clear trend appears to be visible; a trend which may lead to their ultimate resolution or a marked deterioration societal standards.

Fake News

(extreme and trending down)
Caused by Lack of Education, Internet Access, Technology Access, Media Monopolies, Low Political Stability, Poor Diplomatic Reputation
Increases incidence of Political Extremism, Epidemic Spread, Racial Tension

Insular Economy

(extreme and trending up slowly)
Caused by Corporate Taxes, Rare Earth metal Crisis
Increases Urban Decay
Decreases GDP, Capitalist Opinion

Skills Shortage

(mild and trending down)
Caused by Low Educational Outcomes, Low Skilled Immigration, Demand for Technological Specialities
Decreases GDP

Asthma and Respiratory Crisis

(mild and trending up slowly)
Caused by Environmental Pollution, Automotive Use, Tobacco Exposure
Increases incidence of Healthcare Demand

Hospital Overcrowding

(significant and trending down slowly)
Caused by Lack of Healthcare Services, Population Growth, High Healthcare Demands
Increases incidence of Epidemic Disease

Ethnic Riots

(significant and trending down)
Caused by Violent Crime, High Unemployment, High Racial Tension
Increases incidence of Violent Crime
Decreases GDP, Immigration

Foreign Intelligence Interference

(mild and trending down quickly)
Caused by Low Political Stability
Increases incidence of Government Corruption

Narcotics Abuse

(mild and trending up slowly)
Caused by Access to Narcotics, Lack of Healthcare, Prison Overcrowding, High Poverty, High Unemployment
Increases incidence of Homelessness, Healthcare Demand, Violent Crime, Petty Crime
Decreases Worker Productivity

Extant National Emergencies

Below are a list of crises which do not appear to be trending towards improvement nor deterioration.

Rare Earth Metals Crisis

(significant and trending flat)
Caused by Demand for Rare Earth Metals
Increases Insular Economy Crisis
Decreases GDP, Worker Productivity, Green Economy Transition

Street Gangs

(significant and trending up)
Caused by Homelessness, High Unemployment, High Poverty
Increases incidence of Conservative Identity, Petty Crime, Violent Crime, Ethnic Ghettos

Internet Crime

(mild and trending flat)
Caused by Non-Violent Crime, Internet Access, Organised Crime, Cryptocurrencies
Increases Non-Violent Crime
Decreases GDP, Opinion of Everyone

Global Instability

(significant and trending flat)
Caused by Humanity
Increases Nuclear Proliferation, International Threats, Oil Prices, Immigration
Decreases Global Stability

Kodiak Virus Flare Up

(mild and trending flat) Caused by High Poverty, Hospital Overcrowding, Fake News Increases Healthcare Demand, Mortality Decreases Health, Tourism, Productivity, Lifespan, Opinion of Everyone

Vigilante Mobs

(extreme and trending flat)
Caused by Ethnic Tension, High Petty Crime
Increases incidence of Conservative Identity, Violent Crime, Ethnic Ghettos

Media Monopolies

(significant and trending flat)
Caused by Press Freedom, Low Business Competition Regulations, Internet Access
Increases Conservative Identity, Fake News, Political Instability

Political Extremism

(extreme and trending flat)
Caused by High Press Freedom, Inter-Generational Wealth Inequality, Ethnic Ghettos, Low Political Stability, Fake News
Increases Fanaticism

Inner City Riots

(extreme and trending flat)
Caused by Petty Crime, High Unemployment, High Poverty
Increases incidence of Petty Crime, Violent Crime

Ethnic Ghettos

(extreme and trending flat)
Caused by Immigration, Street Gangs, Vigilante Mobs, High Racial Tension
Increases incidence of Political Extremism
Decreases Immigration, Civil Equality

Armed Crime

(significant and trending flat)
Caused by Liberal Firearms Policies, Low Civil Equality, Violent Crime

Prison Overcrowding

(extreme and trending flat)
Caused by Petty Crime, Violent Crime, Low Prison Funding
Increases incidence of Drug Addiction, Petty Crime

Technological Backwater

(mild and trending flat)
Caused by Low Technology Research, Low Science Funding
Decreases GDP

Eliminated National Emergencies

Below are a list of crises that are no longer of such extreme import that they require particular attention. The underlying causes may still exist, but for all intents and purposes we may consider them resolved.

War in the Darrent

Caused by Invading Military Forces Increased Military Costs, Conscription Calls, Violent Crime, Non-Violent Crime, Homelessness, Ethnic Tensions, Demand for Oil, Nationalist Identity, Extreme Nationalism,
Decreased National Health, National Stability, Strength of Democracy

Class Riots

Caused by High Poverty, Low Economic Equality
Increased incidence of Socialist Identity, Violent Crime
Decreased Tourism

Extreme Nationalism

Caused by Lack of Education, National Patriot Organisations, High Unemployment, High Poverty Increased incidence of Violent Crime, Racial Tension Decreased Immigration, Tourism, Diplomatic Reputation


Caused by Growing Population, Lack of Housing Stock, Property Tax, Narcotics Abuse, High Poverty, High Unemployment
Increased incidence of Street Gangs, Petty Crime

Teacher Shortage

Caused by Underfunded Schools, Prevalence of Private Schools
Decreased Educational Outcomes

Demographic Concerns

Public Secretary's Summary - The population has grown by another 8 percent. Investigations by the Public Service reveal the cause is due to immigration finally outpacing emigration as well as the quickly advancing life expectancy. Life expectancy is now 75 years at birth, slightly better than the global average of 72. The knock-on effect of this of course has been an increase in healthcare costs per capita as well as increased demand for pensions, both private and public. People identifying as Conservative has decreased for the first time in 25 years. With the end of the war in the Darrent, the number of citizens identifying as "patriots" has plummeted. Paradoxically, massive social spending has lifted millions out of poverty with 80% of the nation now considered "middle class", and in so doing citizens identifying as socialists have plummeted to their lowest level since the modern era. State Employees are represented in over half of all households.

All Citizens (103.1M ⇗ - 100% )

[Strongly Opposed]
Angry about Broken Government Promises, the Epidemic, Ethnic Riots, Violent Crime, General Crime, Street Gangs, Fake News, Diplomatic Issues
Pleased with Increasing Human Development in Kodiak

Traditional Conservatives (90.4M ⇗ - 88% ⇘ )

[Fanatically Opposed]
Angry about Ethnic Riots, Armed Violence, Inner City Riots, Class Riots, Street Gangs, Low Selective Schooling Policy, Transgenderism
Pleased with Punishing Prison Policies, Police Funding, National Service

Middle Class (84.7M ⇗ - 82% ⇗ )

[Moderately Opposed]
Angry about Income Tax, Land Value Taxes
Pleased with Representation in the Public Service Secretariat, Affordable Cost of Living

Capitalists (73.3M ⇗ - 71% ⇗ )

Angry about Class Riots, Low GDP, Insulated Economy, Corporation Taxes, Lack of International Investment, Income Tax, State Schooling, Sales Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Debt Protection Regulations, Short-Term Loan Regulations, Land Value Taxes, State Water Company, State Electricity Company, State Housing, Agriculture Subsidies
Pleased with Labour Rights Policies, Technology Funding, Work for Welfare Scheme, Representation in the Public Service Secretariat, Small Business Grants, Rare Earth Mineral Mining, National Business Council

State Employees (58.8M ⇗ - 57% ⇗ )

[Quite Unhappy]
Angry about Lack of Science Funding, Prison Overcrowding, Anti-Corruption Policies, Increased Inspections of Facilities
Pleased with State Schooling, Police Funding, Military Funding, State Health Funding, Technology Colleges, State Water Company, State Electricity Company, Representation in the Public Service Secretariat

Commuters (46.5M ⇗ - 45% ⇗ )

[Slightly Happy]
Angry about General Traffic Congestion
Pleased with Bus Subsidies, Dedicated Bus Lanes, Rail Subsidies, Representation in the Public Service Secretariat

Farmers (42.8M ⇗ - 42% ⇗ )

[Slightly Happy]
Angry about Petroleum Taxes, Right to Roam Laws, Fishing Limit Quotas
Pleased with Rural Development Act, Agriculture Subsidies, Livestock Importation Regulations, Empty Homes Tax, Low Urbanisation, Land Value Tax, Regulations Against Factory Farming, Regulations Obligating Rural Bank Branches

National Patriots (40.3M ⇘ - 39% ⇘ )

[Slightly Unhappy]
Angry about Low Military Strength, Foreign Interference, World Assembly Aid, Current Refugee Policy, Skilled Immigration Scheme, Hostile Government Cyber Attack
Pleased with Firearms Laws, Border Controls, Strict Immigration Rules, Castle Doctrine, Representation within the Public Service Secretariat, Flag Burning Ban, Citizenship Tests, Border Navy, URA Membership, National Service, Domestic Mining

Trade Unionists (37.9M ⇗ - 37% ⇗ )

[Moderately Unhappy]
Angry about High Unemployment Levels, Low Labour Rights, Private Healthcare Businesses, Private Telecommunications Businesses, Private Schools, Industrial Automation, Closing of San Chico Factory
Neutral to Weekly Working Hours Policy, Public Railway Funding, Moderate Retirement Age Pleased with Corporate Manslaughter Regulations, State Water Corporation, State Electricity Corporation, National Holidays

Parents (36.4M ⇗ - 35% ⇗ )

[Fanatically Opposed]
Angry about Hospital Overcrowding, Respiratory and Asthma Crisis, Narcotics Abuse Crisis, Firearms Legislation, Teacher Shortage, Unaffordable Cost of Living
Pleased with Representation in the Public Service Secretariat, Driving Examination Regulations, Increased School Inspections, Free School Meals

Socialists (29.8M ⇘ - 29% ⇘ )

[Mildly Satisfied]
Angry about High Poverty Levels, High Unemployment Levels, Low Labour Rights Laws, Work for Welfare Scheme
Neutral to Income Tax Rates, Mild Economic Inequality
Pleased with Capital Gains Taxes, Low Selective Schooling Policy, Corporation Taxes, Debt Protection Regulations, Dependent Care Act, Representation in the Public Service Secretariat, Public School Funding, Land Value Taxes, State Water Company, State Electric Company, State Housing, Right to Roam Laws, National Holidays, Free School Meals, State Pensions

Motorists (27.2M ⇒ - 26% ⇘ )

[Aggressively Opposed]
Angry about Traffic Congestion, Oil Prices, Lack of Highway Funding, Driving Examination Regulations, Speed Limits, Dedicated Bus Lanes, Bus Subsidies, Rail Subsidies
Neutral to Petroleum Taxes
Pleased with Representation in the Public Service Secretariat

Self-Employed (27.2M ⇗ - 26% ⇗ )

[Fanatically Opposed]
Angry about Sales Tax, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Debt Protection Regulations
Pleased with Small Business Grands

Religious (26.3M ⇘ - 26% ⇘ )

[Furiously Opposed]
Angry about Educational Secularism, Transgenderism, Blasphemy in Media, State Secularism, Anti-Religious Fervour
Pleased with Abortion Policies

Youth (23.0M ⇗ - 22% ⇒ )

[Furiously Opposed]
Angry about Conscription, Low Internet Speed, Alcohol Laws, Inter-Generational Wealth Inequality
Neutral to Narcotics Legislation, Recreational Drugs Taxes
Pleased with Representation in the Public Service Secretariat, Empty Homes Tax, Recreational Drug Policies

Environmentalists (22.3M ⇗ - 22% ⇒ )

Angry about Low Urbanisation, GM Food Policies Pleased with Petroleum Taxes, Limited Highway Funding, Low CO2 Emissions, Decommissioning of Nuclear Reactor Policy, the Beautiful Environment, Fracking Regulations, Water Metering, Pollution Regulations, Petroleum Taxes, Electricity Metering, Fracking Policies, Beautiful

Retired (17.1M ⇗ - 17% ⇗ )

[Quite Unhappy]
Angry about Hospital Overcrowding, Armed and Violent Crime, Street Gangs, Empty Homes Tax, Unaffordable Cost of Living
Pleased with Private Health Care Access, Private Pension Access, Dependents Care Act, Public Libraries, State Health Funding, Moderate Retirement Age, State Pensions, Disabilities Payments

Poor (13.7M ⇘ - 13% ⇘ )

[Generally Supportive]
Angry about Class Riots, Homelessness, High Unemployment, Work for Welfare Scheme, Poverty, Tobacco Taxes, Alcohol Taxes, Urban Decay, Unaffordable Cost of Living
Pleased with Representation in the Public Service Secretariat, State Schooling, State Healthcare, Debt Protection Regulations, Short-Term Loan Regulations, World Assembly Aid, Renters' Protections, Unemployment Payments, Free School Meals, Low Levels of Poverty

Ethnic Minorities (12.8M ⇗ - 12% ⇗ )

[Fanatically Opposed]
Angry about Racial Tensions, Ethnic Ghettos, Strict Immigration Rules, Border Navy, Strict Border Controls, Citizenship Tests, Targeted Racial Terrorism, Police Shootings
Pleased with Refugee Policies, Positive Discrimination Regulations

Civic Liberals (12.7M ⇗ - 12% ⇗ )

[Slightly Unhappy]
Angry about Prison Overcrowding, Ethnic Ghettos, Border Navy, Homelessness, Gender Inequality, Strict Immigration Rules, Strict Border Controls, Firearms Controls, Punishing Prison Policies, Lack of Judicial Independence, Narcotics Ban, Castle Doctrine, Unexplained Wealth Orders
Neutral to Refugee Policy, Alcohol Laws, Low Selective Schooling Policy, Police Shootings
Pleased with Educational Secularism, Press Freedoms, Community Policing, Executive Term Limit of Two, Three Year Executive Term Length, Abortion Laws, Transgenderism, Blasphemy in Media, Needle Exchange Programs, URA Membership, The Right to Protest

Wealthy (1.2M ⇗ - 1% ⇘ )

Angry about Class Riots, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Land Value Tax, Tenants' Rights, State Health Funding, Empty Homes Tax
Neutral to Income Tax Rate, Inflation

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