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Kodiak in 639 finds the nation in a difficult position. While the Mondo Chancellery has been effective in a number of policy and diplomacy events, global economic troubles have hit Kodiak very hard. A massive water shortage has resulted in significant increases in food prices and rising unemployment has created a massive homelessness epidemic. The government still struggles to appropriately use state coffers and education is falling behind. Riots have begun to re-ignite as a number of domestic terrorists attacks continue to spread uncertainty within the major urban centres. The new Chancellor Wesley Karlsson (DLPK) will have much to face this term. The Emergency Powers resolution remains in force. Good luck to you.

The National Budget

Public Secretary's Summary - The National Budget is presently balanced. While one might usually consider this a good state to be in, most modern monetary theorists would posit that with the nation so under-developed, the state could make considerably better gains by going into debt to build long-term infrastructure and social investments. The globe is currently facing a sustained recession and with the loss of investment and international support, tax revenues are down by nearly 12%. Internal corruption remains a significant drain on our incomes and expenditures. While an exact number is impossible to predict, treasury suggests corruption could be costing the state something on the order of 15 billion florins per annum. Considerable effort will need to be made to ensure that changes to the national bottom line actually create long term dividends. Good luck.

The National Debt

The National Debt stands at approximately ₣ 180.62 Billion with a Debt/GDP ratio of 23%.
Our predicted Surplus this year stands at approximately ₣ 1.47 Billion.
This will decrease the National Debt to approximately ₣ 179.2 billion.
Our Sovereign Credit rating is no longer guaranteed by our International Partners but remains at AAA.
Interest on the debt assessed at 1.70% and is expected to cost ₣ 3.07 Billion which represents 4.0% of annual expenditure.

Income Summary

Income Stream Amount (in millions) Diff. 636 AB
Income Tax 56,480 -7,360
Corporation Tax 10,800 -800
Sales Tax 3,808 -1,352
Property Tax 2,536 -184
Capital Gains Tax 2,508 -192
Petrol Tax 1,388 -172
Unoccupied Home Tax 1,072 -28
TOTAL INCOME 78,592 -10,128
Government Borrowing 0 0

Expenditure Summary

Expenditure Amount (in millions) Diff. 636 AB
State Schools 17,200 +2400
Children and Dependents Payment 8,080 +400
Agriculture Subsidies 5,000 -40
Rural Development 4,960 +40
National Police 4,160 +40
State Healthcare 3,968 +144
Science Funding 3,912 +616
Organised Crime 3,100 -344
Debt Interest 3,072 -404
Alcohol Abuse 2,884 +716
Highways 2,792 -236
Military Spending 2,548 +384
Intelligence Agencies 2,492 +352
Technology Colleges 1,976 +1,976
Public Libraries 1,764 + 1,764
Community Policing 1,512 -8
Technology Grants 1,196 +1,196
Street Gangs 964 +84
Inner City Riots 956 +44
Prisons 944 +104
Ethnic Riots 956 -220
Class Riots 712 -64
Environmental Riots 520 -40
Witness Protection 380 --
Labour Rights Agencies 276 -8
All Other Expenses 1080 +304
TOTAL EXPENSES 77,120 +7,720

The Political Situation

Public Secretary's Summary - The global recession has created considerable upheaval within Kodiak Society this last term. Notably, cost of living pressures have put a large portion of the population out of their homes and food prices are skyrocketing. Environmental problems have begun to creep up around regional centres from water shortages and chemical pollution used in Agriculture. Foreign powers have been investing in a number of domestic terrorist organisations and considerable damage has been done to urban areas. Without the support of the Assembly of Nations, Kodiak finds itself struggling to effect real social change. Police budgets likely cannot be raised any further than they already have without risking becoming an authoritarian state, but the government must do something to answer these massive social ills.

New National Emergencies

Extreme Nationalism

(trending up slowly)
Caused by Lack of Education, National Patriot Organisations, High Unemployment, High Poverty Increases incidence of Violent Crime, Racial Tension Decreases Immigration, Tourism, Diplomatic Reputation


(trending up)
Caused by Growing Population, Lack of Housing Stock, Property Tax, Narcotics Abuse, High Poverty, High Unemployment
Increases incidence of Street Gangs, Petty Crime

Food Price Crisis

(trending up quickly)
Caused by High Food Prices
Increases incidence of Petty Crime, Emigration, Poverty, Antisocial Behaviour

Reliance on Food Banks

(trending flat)
Caused by High Food Prices, Poverty, Lack of Equality
Increases Socialist Agitation

Teacher Shortage

(trending up slowly)
Caused by Underfunded Schools, Prevalence of Private Schools
Decreases Educational Outcomes

National Emergencies with Changed Circumstances

Alcohol Abuse

(trending up quickly)
Caused by Low Police Funding, High Poverty, High Unemployment, High Alcohol Consumption
Increases incidence of Healthcare Demand, Violent Crime, Petty Crime

Narcotics Abuse

(trending up quickly)
Caused by Access to Narcotics, Lack of Healthcare, Low Police Funding, Prison Overcrowding, High Poverty, High Unemployment
Increases incidence of Homelessness, Healthcare Demand, Violent Crime, Petty Crime
Decreases Worker Productivity

Vigilante Mobs

(trending up quickly)
Caused by Low Police Funding, Ethnic Tension, High Petty Crime
Increases incidence of Conservative Identity, Violent Crime, Ethnic Ghettos

Extant National Emergencies

Environmental Riots

(trending flat)
Caused by Environmental Identity, Environmental Pollution
Increases incidence of Environmental Identity, Traffic Congestion
Decreases GDP

Media Monopolies

(trending flat)
Caused by Press Freedom, Low Business Competition Regulations, Internet Access
Increases Conservative Identity, Fake News, Political Instability

Political Extremism

(trending flat)
Caused by High Press Freedom, Inter-Generational Wealth Inequality, Ethnic Ghettos, Low Political Stability, Fake News
Increases Fanaticism

Fake News

(trending flat)
Caused by Lack of Education, Internet Access, Technology Access, Media Monopolies, Low Political Stability, Poor Diplomatic Reputation
Increases incidence of Political Extremism, Epidemic Spread, Racial Tension

Class Riots

(trending up slowly)
Caused by Low Police Funding, High Poverty, Low Economic Equality
Increases incidence of Socialist Identity, Violent Crime
Decreases Tourism

Street Gangs

(trending up slowly)
Caused by Lack of Police Funding, Homelessness, High Unemployment, High Poverty
Increases incidence of Conservative Identity, Petty Crime, Violent Crime, Ethnic Ghettos

Inner City Riots

(trending flat)
Caused by Petty Crime, High Unemployment, High Poverty
Increases incidence of Petty Crime, Violent Crime

Ethnic Riots

(trending flat)
Caused by Violent Crime, High Unemployment, High Racial Tension
Increases incidence of Violent Crime
Decreases GDP, Immigration

Ethnic Ghettos

(trending flat)
Caused by Immigration, Street Gangs, Vigilante Mobs, High Racial Tension
Increases incidence of Political Extremism
Decreases Immigration, Civil Equality

Organised Crime

(trending flat)
Caused by Alcohol Regulations, Narcotics Regulations, Cryptocurrency Use, Illegal Immigration
Increases incidence of Government Corruption, Violent Crime, Crime

Armed Crime

(trending flat)
Caused by Liberal Firearms Policies, Low Civil Equality, Violent Crime

Prison Overcrowding

(trending flat)
Caused by Petty Crime, Violent Crime, Low Prison Funding
Increases incidence of Drug Addiction, Petty Crime

Hospital Overcrowding

(trending flat)
Caused by Lack of Healthcare Services, Population Growth, High Healthcare Demands
Increases incidence of Epidemic Disease

Asthma and Respiratory Crisis

(trending down slowly)
Caused by Environmental Pollution, Automotive Use, Tobacco Exposure
Increases incidence of Healthcare Demand

Kodiak Virus Flare Up

(trending flat) Caused by High Poverty, Hospital Overcrowding, Fake News Increases Healthcare Demand, Mortality Decreases Health, Tourism, Productivity, Lifespan, Opinion of Everyone

Foreign Intelligence Interference

(trending flat)
Caused by Low Political Stability
Increases incidence of Government Corruption

Insulated Economy

(trending flat)
Caused by High Wages, Low Productivity, Corporation Taxes
Decreases GDP

Technological Backwater

(trending down slowly)
Caused by Low Technology Research, Low Science Funding
Decreases GDP

Water Shortage

(trending flat)
Caused by Poor Environmental Controls, Global Climate Change, Excess of Farms
Increases Price of Food
Decreases Income of Farmers, Number of Farmers

Skills Shortage

(trending flat)
Caused by Low Educational Outcomes, Low Skilled Immigration, Demand for Technological Specialities
Decreases GDP

Eliminated National Emergencies

Illegal Immigration Crisis

Caused by Illegal Immigration
Increases incidence of Organised Crime

Obesity Epidemic

Caused by Low Food Prices, Cost of Healthcare, Healthcare Access, Car Usage, High GDP, Unemployment
Increases Healthcare Demand
Decreases Health

Demographic Concerns

Public Secretary's Summary - The last three years have been hard on the nation. nearly four million more Kodiakers have died than been born or immigrated into the nation. This represents a population decrease of 4%. Poverty is on the rise, and inequality as well. Socialism is on the rise in the face of the continued lack of social care presently. Immigration has dropped off significantly in the last three years and while ethnic minorities are only half as prevalent as before, racism against them has skyrocketed. Racial, Gender, and Sexual inequality continues at embarrassingly high levels. We can only hope the global crisis ends soon so that we can begin to grow again. It may be worth considering loosening immigration rules in the near to moderate future.

All Citizens (77.8M ⇘ - 100% )

[Fanatically Opposed]
Angry about Broken Government Promises, the Epidemic, Ethnic Riots, Violent Crime, General Crime, Low Human Development, Street Gangs, Government Corruption, Fake News

Traditional Conservatives (76.2M⇘94%⇒)

[Fanatically Opposed]
Angry about Ethnic Riots, Armed Violence, Inner City Riots, Class Riots, Illegal Immigration, Street Gangs, Low Selective Schooling Policy
Pleased with Punishing Prison Policies, Current Abortion Policy, Police Funding

Socialists (41.7M ⇗ - 54% ⇗ )

[Mildly Unhappy]
Angry about High Poverty Levels, High Unemployment Levels, High Economic Inequality, Low Labour Rights Laws
Neutral to Income Tax Rates, Property Taxes
Pleased with Capital Gains Taxes, Low Selective Schooling Policy, Corporation Taxes, Debt Protection Regulations, Dependent Care Act, Representation in the Public Service Secretariat, Public School Funding

National Patriots (39.3M ⇘ - 50% ⇒ )

Angry about Low Military Spending, Foreign Interference, Food Shortages, World Assembly Aid, Current Refugee Policy
Pleased with Firearms Laws, Border Controls, Strict Immigration Rules, Castle Doctrine, Representation within the Public Service Secretariat, Flag Burning Ban, Citizenship Tests

Middle Class (38.2M ⇒ - 49% ⇒ )

[Very Unhappy]
Angry about Homelessness, Income Tax, Property Tax
Pleased with Representation in the Public Service Secretariat

Poor (38.0M ⇘ - 49% ⇒ )

[Mildly Unhappy]
Angry about Class Riots, Homelessness, High Unemployment, Food Crisis, Poverty
Pleased with Representation in the Public Service Secretariat, State Schooling, Debt Protection Regulations, Short-Term Loan Regulations, World Assembly Aid, Renters' Protections

Capitalists (36.2M ⇘ - 46% ⇘ )

[Strongly Opposed]
Angry about Class Riots, Low GDP, Insulated Economy, Corporation Taxes, Lack of International Investment, Low Selective Schooling Policy, Income Tax, State Schooling, Sales Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Property Tax, Debt Protection Regulations, Short-Term Loan Regulations,
Neutral to Government Debt Levels
Pleased with Labour Rights Policies, Technology Funding, Representation in the Public Service Secretariat

Motorists (28.5M ⇒ - 36% ⇒ )

[Moderately Opposed]
Angry about Traffic Congestion, Oil Prices, Lack of Highway Funding
Neutral to Petroleum Taxes
Pleased with Representation in the Public Service Secretariat

Religious (28.2M ⇘ - 36% ⇘ )

Angry about Educational Secularism
Pleased with Abortion Policies

Parents (23.3M ⇘ - 30% ⇒ )

[Fanatically Opposed]
Angry about Hospital Overcrowding, Respiratory and Asthma Crisis, Narcotics Abuse Crisis, Firearms Legislation, Teacher Shortage
Pleased with Representation in the Public Service Secretariat

Environmentalists (22.7M ⇗ - 29% ⇗ )

[Slightly Unhappy]
Angry about Environmental Pollution, Water Contamination
Pleased with Petroleum Taxes, Limited Highway Funding, Low CO2 Emissions, Decommissioning of Nuclear Reactor Policy

Farmers (21.2M ⇘ - 27% ⇒ )

[Mildly Unhappy]
Angry about Water Shortages, Petroleum Taxes
Pleased with Rural Development Act, Agriculture Subsidies

State Employees (20.1M ⇗ - 26% ⇗ )

[Mildly Unhappy]
Angry about Lack of Science Funding, Prison Overcrowding
Pleased with State Schooling, Police Funding, State Health Funding, Technology Colleges, Representation in the Public Service Secretariat

Commuters (19.7M ⇘ - 25% ⇘ )

[Very Unhappy]
Angry about Traffic Congestion
Pleased with Representation in the Public Service Secretariat

Trade Unionists (18.4M ⇒ - 24% ⇒ )

[Moderately Opposed]
Angry about High Unemployment Levels, Low Labour Rights, Private Healthcare Businesses, High Retirement Age, Private Utility Businesses, Private Schools, Industrial Automation
Neutral to Weekly Working Hours Policy, Public Railway Funding

Youth (17.4M ⇘ - 22% ⇒ )

Angry about Low Internet Speed, Alcohol Laws, Inter-Generational Wealth Inequality
Neutral to Narcotics Legislation
Pleased with Representation in the Public Service Secretariat

Self-Employed (16.7M ⇘ - 21% ⇒ )

Angry about Sales Tax, Corporation Tax, Low Internet Speed, Capital Gains Tax, Debt Protection Regulations

Retired (7.3M ⇗ - 9% ⇗ )

[Quite Unhappy]
Angry about Hospital Overcrowding, Armed and Violent Crime, Street Gangs, High Retirement Age, Property Tax
Pleased with Private Health Care Access, Private Pension Access, Dependents Care Act, Public Libraries, State Health Funding

Ethnic Minorities (6.3M ⇘ - 8% ⇘ )

[Furiously Opposed]
Angry about Racial Tensions, Ethnic Ghettos, Strict Immigration Rules, Strict Border Controls, Citizenship Tests, Targeted Racial Terrorism
Pleased with Refugee Policies

Civic Liberals (5.1M ⇘ - 7% ⇒ )

[Moderately Unhappy]
Angry about Prison Overcrowding, Ethnic Ghettos, Homelessness, Gender Inequality, Strict Immigration Rules, Strict Border Controls, Abortion Bans, Firearms Controls, Punishing Prison Policies, Lack of Judicial Independence, Narcotics Ban, Castle Doctrine
Neutral to Refugee Policy, Alcohol Laws, Low Selective Schooling Policy
Pleased with Educational Secularism, Press Freedoms, Community Policing, Executive Term Limit of Two, Three Year Executive Term Length

Wealthy (1.6M ⇘ - 2% ⇒ )

[Aggressively Opposed]
Angry about Class Riots, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Low Inflation, Tenants' Rights, State Health Funding
Neutral to Income Tax Rate, Property Tax Rate

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