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Jason M. Corey (NUP) — 29/04/2023 00:05
Since it seems an official town hall will not be set up this time around, I’ll create a thread here and you guys can ask away!
Jason M. Corey (NUP) — 29/04/2023 00:06
Alright, just ping me here if you have a question
Jason M. Corey (NUP) — 29/04/2023 00:25
(OOC: I might be away at times so I won’t get to all questions asked right away (last election PTSD flashbacks))
Jason M. Corey (NUP)

changed the channel name: 

Vote For Corey Q&A

— 29/04/2023 08:29

Jonn Stevens (DPPK) — 29/04/2023 12:09
So I guess I’ll start what specific policies will you enact to improve the economy
Jason M. Corey (NUP) — 29/04/2023 12:17
Thank you for your question!
Our first measure we hope to take is to provide small businesses grants for completing specific criteria, such as hiring and retaining a certain amount of employees or increasing their revenue a certain amount in a year. That is intended to help them further grow their business, as if they already have the income to hire additional workers and expand their business like that, we want to keep that momentum going. Our second measure will be to provide subsidies on state-provided energy and water so that small businesses will have more disposable income to expand their business operations. Our third measure will be to provide tax cuts to small businesses, for largely the same reason. Finally, we want to provide cheap government business loans, as that will help small businesses grow as well as over time, as these businesses become more prosperous and our economy more healthy, the government itself will receive more disposable income due to interest. We may also extend some of these measures to larger industry, but not unless that becomes absolutely necessary.
Overall, we want to ensure that small businesses have more disposable income for reinvestment into their own business. The essential building blocks to a remedied economy.
We also hope to improve our economy by being a bigger player on the world stage. We hope to build relations with especially URA nations by providing humanitarian aid, committing forces to international peacekeeping, and accepting refugees, all of which will result in better trade relations, and, combined with Kodiak's current lack of export tariffs (and possible lowering of import tariffs), we can increase our international trading quite a lot, which would be a major revenue source and way for larger industry to begin expanding its operations once again.
Finally, we hope to support our innovating sectors such as tech sectors and science research sectors in order to further increase our industrial, and therefore our international trade, capacity. We will do this in largely the same way we did with small businesses - with loans, subsidies, tax cuts, and especially grants.
That is the three step plan for remedying our economy!
Socialist Gear — 29/04/2023 13:06
What's your opinion on Industrialization?
Jason M. Corey (NUP) — 29/04/2023 13:10
Thank you for the question!
Industrialization if vital for any economy to succeed. However, I believe previous administrations have focused almost entirely on heavy industry while throwing small businesses to the side. If I were to be elected, small businesses/light industry would be #1 priority, then I would look to heavy industry. Most likely, I would work to extend much of the government support given to small businesses to heavy industry (grants, loans, subsidies, tax cuts), but that would only be after throwing our full support at small businesses.
Hope that answers your question!
Grant Shadbolt [CKA] — 29/04/2023 13:10
Do you have a source for your statement that over half of the Kodiak workforce is employed by small businesses?
Jason M. Corey (NUP) — 29/04/2023 13:16
I believe you are confusing my statement "The majority of small businesses have 5 or less employees." I never said that the majority of Kodiakers are employed by small businesses.
I apologize for the confusion.
Jason M. Corey (NUP) — 29/04/2023 13:29
However, the majority of Kodiakers are actually self employed, or at least employed at small businesses, especially at family farms.
42/43 non-state employees in Kodiak are farmers.
Here is proof from the most recent DPBR.
26/43 are self-employed farmers.
Socialist Gear — 29/04/2023 13:47
Is religion important to the survival of our nation?
Jason M. Corey (NUP) — 29/04/2023 14:58
Thanks for the question!
The National Unity Party always strives to protect freedom of religion in Kodiak. That being said, religion is in no way associated with the government of Kodiak, and while we will always fight to protect Kodiaker rights, we will never grant religious institutions any special treatment. Therefore, in the eyes of myself and my administration, government support of religion is in no way important to the survival of our nation.
Hope that answers your question!
Socialist Gear — 30/04/2023 09:35
Is are nation better then others, and if yes, why?
Jason M. Corey (NUP) — 30/04/2023 09:47
I’m going to take this head on and say: no, it’s not, because 1. We are statistically lower in many areas compared to many other nations, and 2. Saying that our country is the best or better than others is an extremely dangerous thing. That’s nationalism. And nationalism inspires hate and violence. That’s why I will never say that our country is better than any other. Myself and the National Unity Party aspire never to spread hate, even accidentally.
Hope that answers your question, and a very good question might I add!
Grant Shadbolt [CKA] — 30/04/2023 10:06
What is your plan to sort out the government's books and address the debt crisis?
Jason M. Corey (NUP) — 30/04/2023 14:18
Thank you for the question, and I apologize for the late answer, but here it is.
I cannot say we will not add to the deficit before we subtract from it. The difference between the money the NUP wants to spend and the KWP wants to spend is that most of it is going to the market, from the bottom up. This is especially exemplified by our small business grant policy: grants can only be claimed by businesses which are actively expanding business operations and revenue. We're not only throwing money at businesses which are drowning, but also those that are swimming, especially those swimming fast. All of our policies are intended to build a strong economy, and therefore, a steady revenue stream, which can support our now-deficit spending. And remember, the spending that is now deficit spending is only deficit spending because of a lack of a tax base. No solution will work without expanding the economic base of the nation.
Short answer, the deficit is going to increase before it decreases, but that is all in an attempt to build an economy and tax base that can support that spending.
Hope that answers your question!
Socialist Gear — 01/05/2023 04:40
Wouldn't the local business become massive corporations, that will destroy local/small businesses, over time?

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