Amendment to the executive chancellor act (inter)

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An amendment to form a line of succession for Kodiak.
REJECTED on 7th of September 2023, 9 Aye, 9 Nay, 0 Abstain.

Article Three - Succession

3.1 - In the event of the death incapacitation or resignation of the Chancellor of the Kodiak Republic the Deputy Chancellor will be installed as acting Chancellor.
3.2 - After a cabinet has been formed it is the duty of the Chancellor to form a line of succession between his ministers in the event the Deputy Chancellor is dead is incapacitated or has resigned in that event the role of acting Chancellor will go down that line of succession.
3.3 - These people will serve in the role of acting Chancellor until the next election of the Kodiak Republic where if that person would want to run for a full term if that person had not served for more then one year they would be eligible for a full 2 terms if not they would only be eligible to one.

Written by Jonn Stevens, MGA, DPPK.

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