Amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act, 643

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PASSED on 1 Jan 2023 with 15 Aye, 3 Nay, 2 Abstain.

Amendment to Summary

An act to expand the capabilities of the armed forces of the republic. Amends and merges the Defense Act (Inter) and National Defense Reserve Act (637).

Amendment to Article 3

3.1 - The Ministry of Defense authorization for Defense Spending is set at ₣13 billion per FY/3.25 per quarter.
3.2 - The Army budget is raised to ₣1,950 million/quarter
3.3 - The Naval budget is raised to ₣755 million/quarter
3.4 - The Air Force budget is raised to ₣520 million/quarter
3.5 - The Coast Guard budget is crafted at ₣ 175 million/quarter
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