Amendment to The Immigration Act, 645

From The Kodiak Republic Wiki

PROPOSED to amend The Immigration Act

REVISE Article 1 - Kodiak Border Patrol

AMEND 1.4 - Authorizes the Kodiak Border Patrol to conduct Biometric Enrollment as below in 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 as well as Digital Passport Scans of all new arrivals into the Kodiak Republic.
1.4.1 - Authorises facial recognition scanning and storage.
1.4.2 - Authorises digital finger-print scanning and storage.
ADD 1.5 - Authorizes the arming of Kodiaker Border Patrol Officials with lethal and non-lethal protection equipment.
ADD 1.6 - The Kodiak Border Patrol shall be quarterly funded with ₣82,000,000.
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