Amendment: The Prisons Act

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Article 2 - Rehabilitation and Policy

2.1 - The primary purposes of the Kodiak Prison System will be to rehabilitate offenders.

2.2 - Offenders of Kodiak Law shall have access to the Prison Employment and Refinement Program. This Program Is to help those who have committed these offenses be able to properly re integrate into the free world with the necessary skills needed to improve their lives.

2.3 - This system shall be a joint mission of the Ministry of Education and the Prison system administration.

2.3.1 - Prisons will be required to offer all inmates in the Prison Employment and Refinement Program periodic counseling, Anger management courses, Financial literacy Courses, and Life planning courses.

2.3.2 - Administrators of Prisons may add more programs but cannot detract from the above mentioned courses.

2.4 - The Prison Employment and Refinement Program shall be available to all inmates who have served 1 of there sentence in prison with good behavior.

2.5 - Businesses in The Kodiak Republic that work in skills deemed as Technical skills will be allowed to apply to the state for an Overseer Contract which will allow the business in question to take a certain amount of inmates as apprentices to train and work for them in that skill and for eight hours and five days a week. The Prison chooses what contracts to accept and deny at their discretion. An Inmate can be removed from an overseer contract by the business owner or the Prison for any reason.

2.5.1 - Businesses are required to pay the prison half the wages the Inmate would receive if they were free. Inmates will receive a flat rate .20 cents an hour for their work.

2.5.2 - Violent Offenders may only partake in this part of the program on their final year of incarceration .

2.5.3 - The Prisons are in charge of further eligibility requirements for Overseer Contract Applicants and Inmates who wish to partake. The maximum amount of Inmates allowed to work at a business is 3.

2.5.4 - All Overseer Contract inmates will be required to wear Ankle Monitors and two Correction officers are to be paired with every one inmate.

2.6 - The Prison Employment and Refinement Program shall be quarterly funded with 400,000,000 florins quarterly.

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