Amendment: The Labour Act, Inter

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An amendment to shorten the work week.
Rejected on 24 May 2024, 06 Aye, 10 Nay, 06 Abstain.

Amendment to Article One - The Work Week

1.1 - Defines the work week as 35 hours.
1.2 - Employees working above 35hrs/week shall be entitled to 150% pay for every additional full hour worked.
1.3 - This act shall not apply to emergency services and agriculture workers. Their work week will stay at 40 hours unless negotiated by their own accord.
1.4 - This change shall take effect over the span of 11 years at a decrease of 2 work hours per 3 years until 35 hours is reached.

Tabled by John Stevens, MGA, DPPK, as an independent member's bill.

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