657 General Election - 24 Jul 2023

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The 657 General Election was held on 24 July 2023, with campaigning beginning on 10 July 2023. Incumbent Chancellor Jason Corey (NUP) resigned due to health issues and did not run for re-election. President Mivod Hlaja (NUP) did not seek re-election. Magnus Ward of the NUP was the only candidate to declare as a candidate for President. Braughn Kyros of the KWP and Jonn Stevens of the DPPK declared as candidates for President. Chief Justice Ethward Staples lodged his intention to remain midway through the campaign season.

The previous term was hampered by a continued outbreak of Kodiak Flu, causing significant slow down in government processes. As a result, the NUP, led now by Mr Ward, worked to build a National-Coalition of all four major parties.

The election ran for four days and was certified by the Public Service.

The election was run through the EasyPoll Software on Discord and the questions put were:

For whom do you vote as Chancellor of the Republic of Kodiak

πŸ‡¦ Magnus Ward (NUP)
πŸ‡§ None
πŸ‡¨ Abstain

Final Result
πŸ‡¦ β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–‘ [24 β€’ 86%]
πŸ‡§ β–“β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘ [4 β€’ 14%]
πŸ‡¨ β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘ [0 β€’ 0%]
28 users voted

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one: allowed choice
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Poll ID: 4870bcca

For whom do you vote as President of the General Assemby?

πŸ‡¦ Jonn Stevens (DPPK)
πŸ‡§ Braughn Kyros (KWP)
πŸ‡¨ Abstain

Final Result
πŸ‡¦ β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘ [15 β€’ 54%]
πŸ‡§ β–“β–“β–“β–“β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘ [11 β€’ 39%]
πŸ‡¨ β–“β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘ [2 β€’ 7%]
28 users voted


alarm_clock: Poll already ended (3 days ago)
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Poll ID: f33bbfa0

First Ward Cabinet

Chancellor: Magnus Ward (NUP)
Deputy Chancellor: Tobias Virsturm (DPPK)
Minister of Justice, Law, and Order: Nelson Singh (CKA)
Minister of Health and Education: Braughn F. G. Kryos (KWP)
Minister of Revenue and Treasury: Immanuel von Zeppelin (CKA)
Minister of Commerce and Labour: Charlotte Groves (KWP)
Minister of Social Services: Joshua Lopez (NUP)
Minister of Defence and Immigration: Tobias VirstΓΌrm (DPPK)
Minister of Transportation: Alfonso Sadurin (DPPK)

Candidate Declarations


Magnus Ward (NUP)
Hello to my colleagues in the National Unity Party. Good afternoon citizens of the Kodiak Republic!

I will begin today by taking a moment to reflect on the difficult years we've had, and especially for Jason Corey, still struggling to recover from his unexpected accident. I want to take a moment to thank the volunteers and donors for the party, and for the work of every day citizens which keeps our nation moving.

I stand before you today, the newly elected leader of the National Unity Party. And make no mistake, this has been a hard few years for our party and for our nation. And I will not hide the fact that I am not necessarily the hardline conservative many of the rank and file members may have preferred. That said, I am confident that my experience in business, and my work in the Assembly lead me to be uniquely placed to lead our party and direct our nation to a firm future of financial, economic, and social prosperity.

It is on this point that I announce with great pride that today, I, Magnus Ward, on behalf of the party and of the Republic, stand as our candidate for the office of Chancellor. We must work together to build a more free society. We must work together to build a more fair society. We must work to minimise barriers to success for all those citizens who are willing to grasp for it. And for those less able, we must protect and support. The NUP of today stands not only for our traditions and history, but it stands for the unity of all Kodiakers.

The term ahead, just as the term passed, will be a difficult one. But it is not impossible for us to re-rail the locomotive that drives our future. We will build a nation of balance - a government that helps but does not interfere, an economy that grows but does not leave behind, a society that cares but does not lose sight of progress.

Three months ago, I took it upon myself to open a dialogue with the other parties. I have suggested to them that we create a National Coalition by which to navigate this crisis. I am thankful to report that my colleagues have elected to support this task, as have I. That come whoever may win this election, our party, and our nation, will be tasked with the single focus to repair our budget, maintain our society, and build our economy. That we will work not via ideology, but to find a just and balanced approach to improvement - even if that requires significant adjustment to existing government expenditure.

Let me be the first to promise, our focus will always be on our common citizens. Again, I am not the conservative of this party's usual ilk - I am a pragmatic man and I value collective success above all else.

This election day, I ask you to vote for the National Unity Party - A National Coalition for National Unity


Jonn Stevens (DPPK)
Good evening citizens of Kodiak.
Today I would like to announce my candidacy for president of the assembly. Now you may ask why elect me but I have two words in response experience and knowledge. I have been a member of this assembly for 14 years. I have introduced and past several pieces of legislation. and I have accumulated a large amount of knowledge on the wiki making it so when I take office if elected I will almost immediately be able to start the job. members of the assembly citizens of Kodiak if you elect me to this post this what you will be getting from a stevens presidency every bill will get queued shortly or immediately after being proposed and I can promise votes being archived in ten hours or less i would like to also state another thing you will get with a Stevens presidency uncharacteristic fairness I pledge to not to let any partisan leanings affect the fair moderation of this assembly. While I will debate in this assembly and do what I will to represent my constituents, I will not allow that to affect my duties as president. I can pledge that everything in this assembly will be moderated effectively and with a fair hand. In closing I would like to thank my family for allowing me to go on this endeavor of running for president I must also thank my party for placing their trust in me and I must thank you the people of Kodiak in allowing me to campaign for this office and electing
Me in the first place to this assembly. in due course I humbly ask you the people of Kodiak for your vote for a better future for this republic.

Braughn Kyros (KWP)
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen of the General Assembly of the Serene Republic of Kodiak.

Throughout the history of our republic, six excellent members of this Assembly have served as President of the General Assembly. These mighty six heard the call of their country and responded through thick and thin. With the same pride in nation, the same call to service, and the same readiness to sacrifice, I, Braughn Filip Gwydion Kryos, announce my candidacy for the office of President of the General Assembly.

This Assembly requires the President to maintain order and due process. As your President, I pledge myself to the ordering of this legislative body. No party affiliation or backroom politics will entice me to rule for or against any dispute raised on the floor. The President's role in our Assembly is to defend and protect the rights of the Assembly through order; that is just what I intend to do. In voting for me, you do not vote for the KWP or the NUP or any party; you vote for the Assembly. This is the Kryos promise.

Our Assembly is deadlocked. Bills have stalled upon the floor, the legislative queues have been abandoned, and debate has ceased. As your President, I will ensure this does not continue. Every bill and proposal will be given the just consideration it deserves. The queues will be maintained and speedily updated. Debate will be controlled, focused, and fair. There is no better promise to be made and no better promise to be had. This is the Kryos promise.

In our dark hour of need, this Assembly has come together to form a nation-wide coalition, parties setting aside their differences to improve our nation and set her on the path to renewal. As your President, it will be my specific purpose to promote and ensure the unity of this coalition through debate, legislation, and votes. Unity is what is needed; unity is what we will get. This is the Kryos promise.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Vote for Kryos. Vote for order, action, unity!

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