630 General Election - 28 Jun 2021

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The 630 General Election was the first held in under the Constitution of the Seventh Republic of Kodiak, and the first since 533 (Feb 2014) and the reintegration of Kodiak as a NationState. It was held on 28 Jun 2021.

Martang B. Eðeltreow was the only nominated candidate for Chief Justice. Ulrykk von Guelderlaand stepped down as Acting Assembly President to be the only candidate for Chancellor. Amber Delacroix-Grey was the only nominated candidate for Assembly President.

The election was run for seven days and was certified by Acting President von Guelderlaand.

The election was run through the Tapatalk Forum and the questions put were:

Do you Approve of the Election of Rykkland as Chancellor of the Republic?
12 - Yes
1 - No
1 - Abstain

Do you Approve of the Election of Silmeria as President of the General Assembly?
11 - Yes
1 - No
2 - Abstain

Do you Approve of the Election of Eðeltreow as Chief Justice of the Republic?
13 - Yes
0 - No
1 - Abstain

Chancellor von Guelderlaand then received the approval of the Assembly for his cabinet with:
7 - Approve All
0 - Deny All
1 - Request Alteration
2 - Abstain

The first von Guelderlaand Cabinet were as follows:
Portfolio Minister of Commerce and Labour and Administrative (NS) Affairs- Ulrykk von Guelderlaand
Portfolio Minister of Justice, Law, and Order and Defence - Albrecht von Battenberg-Grafton
Minister of Health and Education - Michael Valois
Minister of Social Services - Patal
Minister of Revenue and the Treasury - Edward Harders
Minister of Transport - Taiping

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