Wartime Humanitarian Aid Camps, 645

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Wartime Humanitarian Aid Camps, 645

Recognising that The Kodiak Republic is in a state of war with The Great North. This act establishes humanitarian aid camps for internally displaced citizens and residents of The Kodiak Republic in order to provide shelter, supplies, and medical aid for those forced to abandon their homes as a result of the hostilities perpetuated by The Great North.

Article 1 - Establishment of Humanitarian Aid Hubs

1.1 - This act establishes and authorises the creation of provincial Humanitarian Aid Hubs centralised and coordinated in regional capitals. These hubs will be jointly administrated by the Ministry of Social Services and Ministry of Health.
1.1.1 - Further establishes the regions of Anitomea, Karputska, Godsith, and Kavergraith as humanitarian aid hubs.
1.2 - Creates the Humanitarian Aid Task Force (HATF), under the Ministry of Social Services and Ministry of Health, to coordinate assignment to shelters, camps, as well as the distribution of basic necessities, medical aid, and the management of logistical matters.
1.3 - The creation of aid camps is authorised in regional capitals and its surrounding lands and population hubs within provincial borders where practical to provide temporary shelters for evacuees affected by war.
1.3.1 - Further authorises the HATF to operate shelters in public spaces such as but not limited to Stadiums, Schools (if relocation of students to temporary school facilities is practical), Large Recreational Zones and Parks, Warehouses, and unused land.
1.4 - The HATF is authorised to create supply hubs to gather and distribute basic necessities, food and water, and medical supplies.
1.4.1 - The HATF will coordinate with the Chancellor and appropriate Ministries in the procurement of supplies to aid our displaced citizens and residents.
1.5 - Each Humanitarian Aid Hub will be assigned transportation such as trucks, shuttle buses, and trains to aid in evacuation and transport to aid camps, the transportation of supplies, and transportation of evacuees between regional hubs and medical facilities.

Article 2 - Relocation of displaced residents and citizens

2.1 - Should an aid hub be compromised or an evacuation order be given by the Chancellor, Ministry of Defence, or the HATF, evacuees shall be evacuated to the nearest aid hubs away from the theatre of conflict.
2.2 - Supplies allocated to abandoned aid hubs shall be distributed as needed to other hubs.
2.3 - The Chancellor, Ministry of Social Services and Ministry of Health, may authorise the HATF to create additional aid hubs as needed.

Article 3 - Peacetime disbandment

3.1 - At the conclusion of the war with The Great North, the HATF shall begin to disband aid hubs and aid in the relocation of residents and citizens throughout Kodiak.
3.2 - Relocation assistance, and the provision of temporary housing will be managed through the Ministry of Social Services.
3.3 - Citizens may request to be added to the Public Housing wait list and be given priority for assessment.

Article 4 - Funding

4.1 - Allocates ₣500 million quarterly in funding to the Humanitarian Aid Task Force.
4.2 - Funding may be reviewed by the General Assembly and adjusted accordingly on a quarterly basis to account for the progression of the conflict with The Great North.

Proposed by Minister of Social Services Hester Sirocco-Loren, KWP, MGA.

Contributions from Chancellor Oskar Luchens, NUP, MGA, and Minister Gustave Bernier, KWP, MGA.

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