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This template is used to show that templates have been converted to use TemplateStyles. It is placed at the top of the template's /doc page. It automatically adds the template to [[:Category:Script error: No such module "Data".]], or to one of its subcategories.


{{Uses TemplateStyles|TemplateStyles page name}}
All parameters
{{Uses TemplateStyles|TemplateStyles page 1|TemplateStyles page 2|TemplateStyles page 3|...|category=custom category|nocat=true}}

The first TemplateStyles page name is required.

TemplateStyles sandboxes

Note that if a sandbox version of the TemplateStyle exists, it will also be linked. This is only for sandbox versions. The subpage name of the sandbox version should be the same, but as a subpage of the templates sandbox. For example, if the TemplateStyles page name is Template:Foo/styles.css, then the sandbox version should be Template:Foo/sandbox/styles.css


One style page

{{Uses TemplateStyles|Template:Arrowlist/styles.css}} {{Uses TemplateStylesTemplate:\sandbox|Template:Arrowlist/styles.css|nocat=true}}

Multiple style pages

{{Uses TemplateStyles|Template:Arrowlist/styles.css|Template:Routemap/styles.css}} {{Uses TemplateStylesTemplate:\sandbox|Template:Arrowlist/styles.css|Template:Routemap/styles.css|nocat=true}}

Sandbox version of style page exists

{{Uses TemplateStyles|Template:Uses TemplateStyles/example.css}} {{Uses TemplateStylesTemplate:\sandbox|Template:Uses TemplateStyles/example.css|nocat=true}}

No style pages specified

{{Uses TemplateStyles}} {{Uses TemplateStylesTemplate:\sandbox|nocat=true}}


Template category

This template adds pages to [[:Category:Script error: No such module "Data".]] if the page is in the template namespace, and it is not on any of the subpages /doc, /sandbox, /sandbox2 or /testcases. You can specify a different category with the |category= parameter, e.g. |category=Uses list TemplateStyles.

Error category

If no modules are specified, the transcluded page will be added to [[:Category:Script error: No such module "Data".]].

Protection level category

TemplateStyles should have the same protection level as the template they are used on. If a difference is detected, the transcluded page will be added to [[:Category:Script error: No such module "Data".]].

Category suppression

To suppress all categories, use |nocat=true. (As well as "true", the values "yes", "y", and "1" will also work.)


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TemplateData for Uses TemplateStyles

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