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Explanatory footnotes or Efn are footnotes which provide something other than, or more than, a reference to a source that supports the accompanying text. The first unnamed parameter is displayed as the content of the footnote. Note that if the note's content contains an "=" character, a reference error will be displayed; precede the content with |1= (or one of its aliases, |text=, |reference=, or |content=) to fix the error.

The following explanation is transcluded from Help:Footnotes#Footnotes: predefined groups. {{#section:Help:footnotes|pregroup}}

Example articles

Template data


Inserts an explanatory footnote. Notes can be named and grouped.

Template parameters

Note1 reference text content

Text of the note

Ref. namename

Reference name of the note

Reference groupgroup

Styled group to which the note belongs

Suggested values
upper-alpha lower-greek note lower-roman upper-roman
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