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Alexander Paramount (NUP) OP

— 06/14/2024 10:43 PM

Tabled by MGA Tobias Virstürm An act to focus on rebuilding destroyed historic structures, buildings and roadways in regions affected by war. As well as revitalizing education for affected regions

Debate is set to June 18th,_668 The Kodiak Republic Wiki Post-War Reconstruction and Education Reintegration Act, 668 Alexander Paramount (NUP) OP

— 06/14/2024 10:43 PM

@Assembly Member Debate for this bill is now open Jack Williams (KSDP) — 06/14/2024 10:44 PM @Dakota Bones (SHRIMP) ((once ready)) could you go into detail on both this bill and the other? Dakota Bones (SHRIMP) — 06/15/2024 9:31 AM Tobias Virstürm This bill articulates the process our government will take after a war or conflict.

2 billion Florins will be allocated to rebuild destroyed homes, schools, and historic sites. Under the creation of our AdHoc Rebuilding Department, cities and infrastructure should be returned to the state they once were prior to the war. Food banks and emergency shelters will also be contained in this bill, to provide temporary shelter and food for those that were displaced at the onset of the conflict.

This bill also indicates how schools will be a focus of the rebuilding process. Allowing children the support they need to get a good education and reintegrate them safely into our society as they are a protected group of Kodiak. Jean-Paul Deleuze [KWP] — 06/17/2024 12:39 AM Fair. Joanna Sousa KWP (Juliette) — 06/17/2024 3:42 AM This bill is obviously important and has my support.

I wanted to ask who will be doing the rebuilding, as it is under the Ministry of Defence is this implying the Army and Engineer Corps will be, or will the ad hoc rebuilding department be sourcing labour? Dakota Bones (SHRIMP) — 06/17/2024 9:49 AM Virstürm I believe a mixture of both. With it being operated by the ministry of defense they will use an abundance of manpower and resources that may be already under their belt, but it is very reasonable to assume that they can employ outside contractors to assist in the process. Alexander Paramount (NUP) OP

— 06/18/2024 10:47 PM

@Assembly Member And more debate on this bill Jack Williams (KSDP) — 06/19/2024 8:47 AM I completely support this bill. This reconstruction plan is important for restoration of many homes, schools, and historic sites that were destroyed by the civil war.

We have families needing these food banks and shelters to live in while we rebuild these houses. I hope the assembly supports this bill I motion to vote Alexander Paramount (NUP) OP

— 06/20/2024 11:02 PM

@Dakota Bones (SHRIMP) Do you accept motion to vote (as Virstürm)? Dakota Bones (SHRIMP) — 06/21/2024 8:20 AM I called Virstürm he told me it was okay. I found the number on the bathroom stall wall. Jack Williams (KSDP) — 06/22/2024 7:32 AM @Alexander Paramount (NUP) we have a motion and I see a second from Dakota I think. sooooo can we go to a vote Alexander Paramount (NUP) OP

— 06/22/2024 7:39 AM

Well then Wait Oh shit I forgot anonymous Sorry for bothering EasyPoll APP

— 06/22/2024 7:43 AM

Question Does the General Assembly approve the Post-war Reconstruction and Education Reintegration Act, 668?

Choices 🇦 Aye 🇧 Nay 🇨 Abstain

Final Result 🇦 ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░ [15 • 75%] 🇧 ▓░░░░░░░░░ [2 • 10%] 🇨 ▓▓░░░░░░░░ [3 • 15%] 20 votes from 20 users

Settings ⏰ Poll already ended (5 days ago) 🕵️ Anonymous Poll 1️⃣ allowed choice 💎 Allowed roles: @Assembly Member

lock: No other votes allowed

Poll ID: 54db518e Alexander Paramount (NUP) OP

— 06/22/2024 7:43 AM

@Assembly Member It’s time to vote Alexander Paramount (NUP) OP

— 06/26/2024 7:52 AM

@Assembly Member with a vote of 15 Ayes, 2 Nays and 3 Abstains. The Post-war Reconstruction and Education Reintegration Act, 668 has been passed. This thread shall be archived shortly

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