National Defense Reserve Act (639)

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Passed by the assembly April 11th, 2022. Aye - 12, 2 - Nay, 2 - Abstain.

Authorize appropriations for the coming fiscal periods for military activities of the Military of Defense, for military construction, to prescribe military personnel strengths for such fiscal year, and for other purposes. In order to retain key defense capabilities of the Army in times of national emergency, a Reserve Army that conducts regular refresher training is required to prevent losses of key capabilities from national defense.

Article 1: Creation of the Organized Reserves

1.1: Upon completion of service contract, service members will enter into a four year period of service as a member of the Organized reserve. Service members rank and entitlements from active service shall be carried over to the Organized Reserve barring any legal implications reducing those privileges and entitlements.

1.2: The Ministry of Defense shall be invested with appropriations to reconstitute three (3) division headquarters elements to organize the Organized Reserve of each operation command area:

2nd Infantry Division (Light) (OPCON to Eastern Command)
  • 2nd Infantry Regiment
  • 12th Infantry Regiment
  • 22nd Infantry Regiment
  • 904th Hussar Regiment (Mot.Recon)
  • 104th Artillery Regiment
  • 502nd Sustainment Brigade
  • 2nd Aviation Regiment
4th Infantry Division (Light) (OPCON to Western Command)
  • 4th Infantry Regiment
  • 14th Infantry Regiment
  • 24th Infantry Regiment
  • 905th Hussar Regiment (Mot.Recon)
  • 40th Artillery Regiment
  • 19th Sustainment Brigade
  • 4th Aviation Regiment
6th Infantry Division (Light) (OPCON to Northern Command)
  • 6th Infantry Regiment
  • 16th Infantry Regiment
  • 26th Infantry Regiment
  • 906th Hussar Regiment (Mot.Recon)
  • 21st Artillery Regiment
  • 62rd Sustainment Brigade
  • 6th Aviation Regiment

1.3: A General officer position shall be created as a full time position with rank entitlement at minimum being General-Lieutenant (GO2). With administrative control of the Organized Reserves.

1.4: The Organized Reserves shall be constituted over the next 6 years to full strength. Periods of training shall be monthly periods of battle assemblies consisting of 2-3 day readiness events and annual 2-week periods of sustained operations in conjunction with the Operational Command’s annual exercises.

Article 2: Creation of the Ready Reserve

2.1: Upon completion of contract obligation in the Organized Reserve, service member will transition into the Ready Service for a period of six (6) years. All rank and entitlements from the Organized Reserve shall be carried over to the Ready Reserve

2.2: Members of the Ready Reserve shall be obligated to assemble annually for one week of physical assessments and refresher training

2.3: A civil service position in the pay grade of Senior Executive 1 shall be created to organize and maintain the Ready Reserve administration and implement programs and policies of the Ministry of Defense.

Article 3: Appropriations

3.1: The sum of ₣400M be allocated quarterly for procurement of equipment of the Organized Reserve and to sustain personnel cost of the Organized and Ready Reserve.

3.2: The sum of ₣75M be allocated to the Ministry of Defense to construct appropriate administrative facilities for the Reserve Army.

Written by Oskar Luchens, Assembly Member

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