Administrators and Moderators Act (630)

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An act to define and establish Administrators and Moderators in the Kodiak Republic. The Admin and Mod team represents the active arm of the judiciary and exists to serve our people and community first and foremost. They seek to uphold our community values, and judiciary integrity.

Article 1 – Root Administrator

1.1 The Root Admin is the de facto Head Admin that will lead the Admin and Moderator teams of the Kodiak Republic.
1.2 The Root Admin is further defined as the owner of the root forum account, discord channel owner, and holder of the Nationstates founder account. It is therefore the responsibility of the Root Admin to secure these accounts to protect the community from hostile acts.
1.3 The Root Admin shall have the responsibility to recommend citizens of good standing to take on Admin or Moderator roles defined in this act. The General Assembly will vote to approve with a simple majority.
1.4 The Root Admin has the obligation to protect and maintain the integrity and existence of the Kodiak Republic and its community values. Such protection in only the most extreme cases may involve banning of hostile persons that deliberately seek to defile or cause the destruction of the community.
1.5 The Root Admin additionally exists as an arm of our judiciary and may be called upon to enforce legal matters and ensure and/or enforce the requirements of law, as enacted by the General Assembly. The Root Admin has the right to delegation of this task to other members of the Administration team.
1.6 Access and powers for Administrator and Moderators will be organised and assigned at the discretion of the Root Admin and declared to the General Assembly for consideration as part of approval proceedings.

Article 2 – Administrators

2.1 Admins have access to admin tools for one or more of our community areas such as our Forums, Discord channels, Nationstates, and others. Admins shall use these admin tools to aid in administration and clerical matters on behalf of the community.
2.2 Admins may enforce legal matters as requested by the judiciary and General Assembly, and act per delegation by the Root Admin.
2.3 There shall only be a maximum of three (3) administrators, not including the Root Admin.

Article 3 – Moderators

3.1 Moderators are assigned moderation powers relevant to their community areas of responsibility, such as the Forums, Discord, Nationstates and others. Mods do not have access to Admin tools.
3.2 Moderators that are not assigned globally shall have permissions to moderate only specific community areas as required by their role. Whereas Global Moderators shall have moderation powers over entire community areas such as the entire Forum, Discord, or Nationstates sections.
3.3 The following positions are by default assigned to moderate:
  • The General Assembly (Forums and Discord), Law Library – President of the Kodiak Republic
  • The Executive Offices (Forums and Discord) – Chancellor of the Kodiak Republic
  • Ministry Offices – Ministers of the Kodiak Republic
  • The High Court, Law Library - Chief Justice

Contributors – Amber Silmeria Delacroix-Grey (Author), Ulrykk von Guelderlaand (Rykkland), South Boston Irishmen, Patal

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