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Here is a summary of specific NationStates or Role-play dynamics relevant to understanding the laws and political simulation.

The Kodiak Republic's government decisions are evaluated against a custom mod of the political simulation game Democracy 4. The policies in the policy review pages are pulled directly from the D4 simulated policies. Kodiak Assembly Members are expected to use these reviews as guides to the limits of the simulation, but the contents of a propsoed law can be as interesting as the role-player wants it to be, so long as it includes the minimum information required to enact it. (A new law should specify the Political Capital required to enact it, and the proposed expenditure level)

Resident participants of Kodiak are considered to be the elected representatives of a constituency of the nation of the Kodiak Republic. For example, Rykkland is the constituency of which the founder Patrick Barber is the representative. How deep you wish your role play to be is totally on you. If you wish to use a full fictional name, great. If you just want to be "Batavia", also fine. Players who are members of the Kodiak Republic via NationStates should use the name of their nation in the TKR Region as inspiration for their constituency name.

Time in Kodiak is customised such that year 1 begins Monday of the first week that Max Berry, creator of NationStates, was born. A year is four real life weeks, each week roughly equivalent to a quarter year. This means that the three year term of a government is in fact 12 real weeks in length, Monday to Sunday. Some important dates are:

Real Date Roleplay Year Note
12/03/1973 1 First Monday of the week of Max Berry's Birth (18/03/73)
11/11/2002 387 First Monday of the week of Nationstate's founding (13/11/02)
16/07/2007 448 First Monday of the week of TLK's founding (20/07/07)
14/04/2008 457.75 First Monday of the week of Kodiak's founding (15/04/2008)
10/02/2014 533.75 First Monday of the week of Kodiak's last abandonment
07/06/2021 630 First Monday of the Re-founding

Real Date Roleplay Year
5/04/2021 627
28/06/2021 630
20/09/2021 633
13/12/2021 636
7/03/2022 639
30/05/2022 642
22/08/2022 645
14/11/2022 648
6/02/2023 651
1/05/2023 654
24/07/2023 657
16/10/2023 660
8/01/2024 663
1/04/2024 666
24/06/2024 669
16/09/2024 672
9/12/2024 675
3/03/2025 678
26/05/2025 681
18/08/2025 684
10/11/2025 687
2/02/2026 690
27/04/2026 693
20/07/2026 696
12/10/2026 699
4/01/2027 702
29/03/2027 705
21/06/2027 708
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